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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


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The Police Memorial Trust

Registered Charity No. 289371

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Founded 1984 by

by Michael Winner MA (Cantab)


Anthony Rae MA


All Rights Reserved

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The National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring Police Officers who have been killed, or died as a result

of injuries received, in consequence of the execution of their duty

and Remembering Police Officers who have otherwise died, on

or in connection with their duty, or whilst serving overseas.

We regret to report the following recent deaths

Roll of Honour

22 March - PC Keith Palmer

Metropolitan Police
Fatally stabbed in a terrorist incident
protecting the Houses of Parliament.

In Remembrance

Austin Jackson

16 March - PC Austin Jackson

Leicestershire Police
Taken ill and died suddenly on duty.

Leicestershire Police

Paul Briggs

21 January - PC Paul Briggs

Merseyside Police
Died of injuries received in 2015 in a
motorcycle collison reporting for duty.

Merseyside Police

Mark Estall

5 January - Insp. Mark Estall

Essex Police
Died after being taken ill on duty.

Essex Police

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Annual Roll of Honour and Remembrance -
Background and index since 1995

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The National Police Officers Roll of Honour is an ongoing research project recording the public service and sacrifice of British police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, in the United Kingdom and whilst serving in former Colonial and other UK administered police forces overseas, since the earliest days of professional law enforcement more than three centuries ago.

The project was created in 1995 by former Metropolitan and Lancashire police officer Anthony Rae after more than 10 years research into police line of duty deaths. This followed the loss of three colleagues, drowned in an attempted sea rescue at Blackpool in 1983, when he discovered no such national Roll of Honour or historic records of deaths on duty existed for the UK police services.

Since 1995 the National Police Officers Roll of Honour has been provided for the benefit of many UK police forces including the Metropolitan Police and charities including The Police Memorial Trust, the Police Roll of Honour Trust, the Scottish Police Memorial Trust and the National Police Memorial Day

In 2000 Anthony founded the Police Roll of Honour Trust charity to assist with provision of the Roll of Honour to police services and charities, families of the fallen and the public. After 12 years as Trustee and Chairman he left the Trust to concentrate on completing a full review and research on the Roll of Honour.

The ongoing review has revealed factual errors and ommissions within the historic data used for the Roll of Honour, during 2015-2016 Anthony undertook a Master's degree course in History research  at Lancaster University. The  historical review is now addressing the research and writing in an academic manner to safeguard the future integrity of the Roll and ensure all fallen officers are properly remembered no matter where or when they died.

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Until further notice the Roll of Honour is undergoing a detailed review to correct historic factual errors and ommissions. This is being conducted by its creator who recently undertook a master's research degree course to ensure the future integrity of the Roll.

Enquiries and new information are welcome but some delay in response and updating of the website may be experienced.


12 December

Posthumous Gallantry Awards George Medal to PC Dibell 2012

and Queen's Commendation to PC Henry 2007 See Gallantry Roll

Official Citations

WPC Gleghorn 1st female officer killed on duty

Report on the search for her final resting place.


Memorial erected for PC Bill Barker by The Police Memorial Trust

Queen's Commendation for Bravery posthumously awarded to Cumbria PC Bill Barker. See Gallantry Roll


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Page updated 29 March  2017

National Police Officers Roll of Honour Copyright (c) Anthony Rae MA 1985-2017

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