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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Cambridgeshire Constabulary


and the former constituent Forces of the Borough of Huntingdon,

Cambridge Borough Police and Mid-Anglia Constabulary.


Borough of Huntingdon

PC Thomas Saunders Lamb

Died 23 December 1841, aged 28

Found drowned, apparently having been attacked and thrown into a river.

Cambridge Borough Police

D/Sgt Francis James Willis

Died 4 June 1930, aged 35

Shot twice and fatally injured while trying to arrest an armed suspect.

Mid-Anglia Constabulary

Sgt Raymond George Bowland

Died 9 April 1957, aged 34

Died from an infectious disease contracted while performing search duty.

PC Anthony Allder

Died 19 January 1966, aged 39

Fatally injured when in collision with a car while on bicycle patrol at Gamlingay.

PC Dennis John Spackman

Died 21 February 1967, aged 34

Killed while on motorcycle patrol when he lost control and crashed at Meldreth.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary

PC Richard Peak

Died 18 August 1855, aged 24

Went missing on duty in suspicious circumstances and presumed killed.

S/Cmdt Reginald Nicholson

Died 15 November 1945, aged 68

Ch/Const William H. Edwards

Died 25 November 1945, aged 44

Fatally injured when their police car collided with an armoured car at Melbourn.

DCI Kenneth Hunt

Died 23 October 1981, aged 48

Killed when his unmarked police car lost control and crashed near Ramsey.

PC Robert Edward Charles Reynolds

Died 28 November 1984, aged 47

Collapsed and died of heart failure on duty during the miners' strike in Kent.

PC Alan John Lee

Died 10 September 2002, aged 37

Killed in a road accident outside Thorpe Wood station whilst reporting for duty.

PC Andreas Giovanni Newbery

Died 5 February 2003, aged 34

Hit by a car while protecting the scene of a motorway accident in icy weather.

DC Karen Lynn Paterson

Died 6 January 2012, aged 43

Died in a road traffic collision whilst travelling to report for duty.

DC Sharon Garrett

Died 6 June 2014, aged 48

Killed in a road traffic collision whilst returning home from duty.


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