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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

 Devon and Cornwall Constabulary


and the former constituent forces of
Borough of Lostwithiel, Plymouth Borough Police, Plymouth City Police, Plymouth Police Fire Brigade, Devonport Borough Police, Devon Constabulary, Exeter City Police, Devon and Exeter Constabulary, Cornwall Constabulary.


 Borough of Lostwithiel

Town Sgt Joseph Burnett

Died 21 August 1814, aged 42

Fatally shot attempting to disarm two drunken soldiers threatening people.

Plymouth Borough Police

PC William Bennett

Died 15 July 1875, aged 25

Fatally injured during a violent struggle to arrest a man for assault.

PC William Baines

Died 19 January 1893, aged 33

Fell from an unprotected quayside on patrol at night and drowned.

PC Edwin George Wilce

Died 30 August 1903, aged 40

Collapsed and died when violently assaulted by a man at his house.

Plymouth City Police

RPC Alfred Edwin Crosby

Died 7 July 1940, aged 48

Killed by enemy action conducting people to a shelter during an air raid

S/Sgt Sidney John B. Hannam

Died 13 January1941, aged 37

Killed by enemy action in an air raid.

PWRC Wilfred Donald Stribley

Died 22 April 1941, aged 35

Killed by enemy action at a police station during an enemy air raid.

PWRC Walter White

Died 23 April 1941, aged 57

Killed by enemy action in an air raid.

PC Kenneth John Walters

Died 23 April 1941, aged 24

Fatally injured by enemy action in an air raid.

PC William James Brooks

Died 9 July 1941, aged 33

PWRC Leonard Charles Vickery

Died 9 July 1941, aged 44

Killed by enemy action in an air raid.

SC William James Hutchings

Died 15 March 1941, aged 37

RPC William John Cheek

Died 21 April 1941, aged 59

SC Albert Edward Harris

Died 23 April 1941, aged 55 

Sgt Edward Harold Gibbs

Died 30 April 1941, aged 36

PC William Thomas Sandover

Died 1 May 1941, aged 28

SC William John Albert Beer

Died 7 May 1941, aged 55

SC Sidney James Henry Baker

Died 16 November 1943, aged 44

All killed off duty in enemy air raids.

Plymouth Police Fire Brigade 

P/Fm Joseph Thomas G. Gerritty

Died 24 March 1941, aged 41

Fatally injured by a bomb on duty at the docks during an enemy air raid.

Devonport Borough Police

PC Philip Payne

Died 4 February 1895, aged 47

Died as a result of injuries received in a fall in the street whilst on duty.

Devon Constabulary

PC Charles Tucker

Died 5 May 1876, aged 22

Drowned when unable to swim he tried to rescue a girl from a canal.

PC Walter Creech

Died 29 July 1883, aged 31

Fatally stabbed by a man he had warned for causing a disturbance.

PC Harry Ralph Hall

Died 19 August 1901, aged 23

Killed by the explosion of a shell while checking the artillery ranges.

Sgt Tom Parnell

Died 18 August 1909, aged 48

Accidentally killed whilst on duty by an overturning motor bus.

PC Clifford John Huxtable

Died 22 September 1937, aged 44

Fatally injured on duty when he was knocked down by an omnibus.

PC John Tremlett Potter

Died 2 February 1938, aged 46

Fatally bludgeoned attempting to arrest two burglars he disturbed.

SC Samuel Fisher C. Chetham

Died 25 April 1942, aged 63

SC Frederick George Pearse

Died 25 April 1942, aged 49 

Killed by a bomb blast while on patrol during an enemy air raid.

Killed in enemy air raids off duty or duty status unknown:-

SC Harry Stanley Whittaker

Died 11 October 1942, aged 60 

SC John Rogers Cartwright

Died 26 October 1942, aged 60 

SC Alfred Percy Ford

Died 2 January 1943, aged 43

S/Sgt William Francis Rendell

Died 10 January 1943, aged 51

SC Ronald Hockin 

Died 13 February 1943, aged 37

SC Francis Stanley Allin

Died 13 June 1943, aged 47  

Exeter City Police

PC Victor Woollacott

Died 11 February 1929, aged 28

Killed while on point duty when hit by a bus which skidded in the snow.

SC Harold John Luxton

Died 4 May 1942, aged 43

Killed by enemy action in an air raid.

Devon and Exeter Constabulary

PC Albert Henry Thomas

Died 1 February 1967, aged 28 

Fatally injured when his motorcycle was in collision with a lorry.

Cornwall Constabulary

Supt John Newcombe

Died 9 February 1899, aged 59 

Collapsed and died suddenly in his trap whilst on duty.

RPC John Balment

Died 21 March 1941, aged 55

Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.

PC Cecil Frederick Menear

Died 20 March 1942, aged 39

Died in hospital following an accident whilst on duty.

PC William George Laws

Died 5 September 1966, aged 23

Fatally injured when a car was in collision with his police motorcycle.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

PC John Borlase

Died 15 February 1969, aged 38

Fatally injured in a Traffic patrol car hit by a skidding lorry in the snow.

Sgt Thomas Charles Arthur Cox

Died 24 March 1973, aged 50

Fatally injured while driving a patr

PC Dennis Arthur Smith

Died 21 December 1973, aged 44

Shot dead by a suspect he had pursued and was trying to arrest.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry.

PC Christopher Francis Wilson

Died 20 August 1977, aged 28

Contracted a fatal illness when spat on during a football disturbance.

PC Joseph James Childs

Died 13 December 1978, aged 36

PC Martin Ross Reid

Died 13 December 1978, aged 26

Drowned when their police car was swept into the harbour in a storm.

PC Andrew John Henwood

Died 8 June 1979, aged 26

Fatally injured in a road accident involving his police motorcycle.

PC Paul Crispin

Died 9 July 1982, aged 32

Fatally injured on a motorcycle course in a collision with a car.

PC Ian William Frank Parsons

Died 21 May 1990, aged 30

Killed in a road accident when his motorcycle collided with two cars.

PC Michael Hunns

Died 26 June 1991, aged 31

Killed in a patrol car crash while attending a police assistance call.

PC Richard Anthony Hulse

Died 30 April 2005, aged 48

Collapsed on duty at his police station and died later that day in hospital.

Sgt Paul Hutchinson

Died 27 April 2006, aged 37

Killed travelling to work when his motorcycle was in collision with a van.

PC Kevin Derek Sparks

Died 7 October 2008, aged 45

Killed in a road traffic accident while going on duty in the early morning.


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