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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

and the former

Durham County Constabulary


Durham County Constabulary

PC John Cruickshank

Died 1 May 1868, aged 31

Fatally shot by another constable against whom he gave evidence.

Sgt William Smith

Died 23 February 1884

Beaten to death with stones by three drunken men he had warned.

Supt Joseph Scott

Died 31 May 1888, aged 44

Shot dead in a revenge attack by an ex-sergeant who then shot himself.

PC Matthew Walls Straughan

Died 28 June 1927, aged 36

Shot dead by a man on whom he had just served a summons.

Sgt Robert Little

Died 14 December 1930, aged 46

Killed by fumes trying to rescue an  old lady trapped in a burning house.

Posthumously awarded the King's Police Medal for Gallantry.

PC Smith Storey

Died 5 October 1932, aged 40

Knocked down by an engine while patrolling along the railway line.

PC Henry Lawson

Died 4 March 1935, aged 24

Fatally injured on his beat having been knocked down by a vehicle.

PC William Ralph Shiell

Died 1 March 1940, aged 28

Shot and fatally wounded chasing two burglars he had disturbed.

SC Robert Reay

Died 1 May 1942, aged 61

Killed by a delayed action bomb after an enemy air raid at Beamish.

SC Samuel Edgell

Died 3 May 1942, aged 63

Fatally injured by a delayed action bomb after an air raid at Beamish.

Sgt Matthew Slack

Died 12/13 March 1943, aged 52

Killed by enemy action during an air raid at his post at Boldon Colliery.

SC Frank Ridley Littlefair

Died 19 August 1941, aged 65

SC William Frank Appleton

Died 2 July 1942, aged 50

SC John Cheeseman

Died 5 December 1944, aged 70 Killed off duty in enemy air raids.

Sgt Robert Swan

Died 19 July 1945, aged 63

Fatally injured on duty when a motor car collided with his bicycle.

PC Thomas Geary

Died 2 October 1952, aged 46

Killed on patrol when his police motorcycle was struck by a car.

SC Thomas Nichol Brown

Died 15 May 1956, aged 66

Died as a result of injuries received during an enemy air raid in 1940.

Sgt Arthur James Coote

Died 9 June 1957

Killed in road accident seconded to the British Police Unit Cyprus.

T/SgtStanley Woodward

Died 13 October 1958, aged 36

Killed by terrorists while seconded to the British Police Unit in Cyprus.

PC John Parkin

Died 15 November 1962, aged 43

Fatally injured when struck by a car while cycling to report for duty.

PC David Roe

Died 1 March 1966, aged 19

Drowned during a life-saving class on his initial recruit training course.

Durham Constabulary

DCI Charles Edward Gibson

Died 3 August 1969, aged 47 

Killed on duty in a road traffic accident involving a stolen vehicle.

Sgt John Albert Broadbridge

Died 14 April 1973, aged 45

Killed in a police van, which was in a head on collision with a car.

D/Sgt John Elves

Died 12 October 1974, aged 40

Killed when his police car was in collision with another car.

PC Glenn Russel Corder

Died 6 February 1980, aged 18

Killed in a patrol car which crashed whilst pursuing a suspect car.

DC James Brian Porter

Died 4 March 1982, aged 31

Shot dead while chasing two armed robbers after shots had been fired.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

PC Steven Robert Ingham

Died 13 January 1989, aged 23

Collapsed and died on a run during his initial recruits training course.

PC Keith Maddison

Died 21 May 1997, aged 46

Collapsed and died chasing two suspects from a stolen vehicle.

Sgt Stephen Philip Armstrong

Died 23 August 1997, aged 35

Killed in a road accident returning home from work in the early hours.

 PC Jonathan Kevin Green

Died 18 November 2004, aged 23

Killed in a road accident while travelling home after finishing duty.


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