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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Hertfordshire Constabulary


and the former constituent forces of
the Parish of Ridge, and St Albans City Police


 Parish of Ridge

SC James Grainge

Died 1 January 1824

Fatally shot attempting to execute an arrest warrant on an armed man.

St Albans City Police

PWRC William Patrick Hughes

Died 25 April 1947, aged 41

Died as a result of injury sustained removing obstacles from the road.

Hertfordshire Constabulary

PC John Starkins

Died 30 October 1857, aged 26

Stabbed to death while keeping watch for suspected thieves near Stevenage.

Supt William Pangbourne

Died 6 March 1867, aged 51

Killed returning from a call out in the early hours when his cart overturned.

PC Benjamin Snow 

Died 10 January 1871, aged 32

Fatally bludgeoned while attempting to arrest a wanted man at Bennington.

PC Charles Gorton

Died 16 February 1899, aged 31

Found drowned in a lock at Dudswell probably attempting to rescue a dog.  

PC Charles Edward Mark Godfrey

Died 12 April 1924, aged 35

Fatally injured when struck by a lorry during a road check at London Colney.

PC William Stanley Gatehouse

Died 17 July 1925, aged 39

Fatally injured in a fall off a lorry to which he had been giving directions.

PC Reuben Francis Hyatt

Died 24 May 1930, aged 46 

Killed on night patrol duty when a lorry skidded and struck him at Wormley.

PC Frank Edwin Hulme

Died 12 December 1958, aged 31

Fatally injured when intervening in a street affray at Hemel Hempstead.

PC Arthur William Burch

Died 7 April 1960, aged 38

PC Anthony Richard Silcock

Died 7 April 1960, aged 25

Killed when their patrol car collided with a tanker, pursuing a speeding car.

DC Leslie John Bedser

Died 10 June 1966, aged 23

Fatally injured in a police car, which was in collision with a lorry at night.

ACC Ivor Herbert Jones QPM

Died 29 January 1968, aged 53

Collapsed and died of heart failure while on duty at Police Headquarters.

PC Colin John Flanagan Roddis

Died 10 September 1973, aged 31

Killed in a collision with a lorry while on motorcycle patrol near St Albans.

PC Peter Otto Eykelbosch

Died 9 June 1980, aged 19

Killed when his motorcycle collided with a lorry while reporting for duty.

WPC Mandy Dawn Rayner

Died 13 October 1982, aged 18

Killed when her stationary police car was rammed during a vehicle pursuit.

PC Francis John Mason

Died 14 April 1988, aged 27

Shot dead when despite being off duty he intervened in an armed robbery.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal.

WPC Jacqueline Ann Brown

Died 6 June 1989, aged 23

Fatally injured in a patrol car crash during a prisoner escort at Harpenden.

PC Ronald Raymond Hull

Died 21 November 1989, aged 35

Killed assisting at an accident in thick fog when struck by a speeding car.

PC Kevin John Church

Died 28 June 2005, aged 46

Killed in a motorcycle accident while on a plain clothes policing operation.

Sgt Alan Christopher Lovett

Died 27 November 2006, aged 46

Collapsed and died of heart failure on Custody duty during the early hours.


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