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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


Leicestershire Police

and the former constituent forces
Leicester Borough Police, Leicester City Police,
Leicestershire and Rutland Constabulary and Leicestershire Constabulary


Leicester Borough Police

Sgt Thomas Biggins

Died 9 June 1879, aged 51

Collapsed in the street and died of heart failure during a police funeral.

PCJob Bennett

Died 19 January 1881, aged 36

Collapsed and died from heart failure while on night patrol during a blizzard.

PC Lewis Bentley

Died 4 April 1886, aged 51

Collapsed and died of heart failure after being assaulted during a violent arrest.

PC William Henry Wells

Died 21 November 1906, aged 31

Found drowned in a canal on night duty in suspicious circumstances.

Leicester City Police

D/Sgt Leonard Thomas Norman

Died 20 November 1940, aged 34

DC Brian Mansell Hawkes

Died 20 November 1940, aged 26

DC Edwin George Trump

Died 20 November 1940, aged 26

Killed by the direct hit of a bomb on their incident post during an air raid.

Leicestershire and Rutland Constabulary

PC John Percy Newell

Died 27 January 1956, aged 28

Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident while returning home from duty.

T/Sgt Cyril John Thoroughgood

Died 28 September 1956, aged 29

Shot by terrorists while serving with the British Police Unit in Cyprus.

PC John Thomas Davidson

Died 18 July 1967, aged 37

Fatally injured in a patrol car, which crashed responding to an accident.

Leicestershire Constabulary

PC Thomas George Barrett

Died 15 August 1886, aged 36

Beaten to death by a man he spoke to about non-payment of a fine.

PC William Adiel Wilkinson

Died 25 May 1903, aged 32

Shot dead in an ambush by two men who bore police a grudge.

PC Harold Prew

Died 21 March 1941, aged 43

Collapsed and died of heart failure after rushing to investigate a fire.

PW Catherine Phyllis Godfrey

Died 3 May 1947, aged 31

Fatally injured in a cycling accident recalled to duty on a stormy night.

PC Philip Andrew Eames

Died 1 August 1974, aged 24

Fatally injured in a road accident while on motorcycle patrol.

Sgt Brian Dawson

Died 1 September 1975, aged 42

Shot dead as he arrived at an incident where a man was firing into the street.

PC Nicholas Edward M. Archer

Died 22 April 1984, aged 28

Killed when struck by a car while escorting a large crowd at night.

PC Ian Thomas Wheelwright

Died 22 March 1991, aged 49

Fatally injured when struck by a passing car at an incident scene.

PC Giles Fraser Drinkall

Died 2 April 1997, aged 35

Killed in a road accident when he lost control of his police motorcycle.

DC Timothy Philip Burton

Died 29 June 2001, aged 41

Killed when his police car crashed while returning from enquiries.

PC Bryan Reginald Moore

Died 15 August 2002, aged 39

PC Andrew Carl Munn

Died 15 August 2002, aged 37

Killed when a van being pursued by police deliberately drove into them.

Leicestershire Police

PC Austin Jackson

Died 16 March 2017, aged 38

The officer was taken ill and died suddenly whilst on duty in Leicester.


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