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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

and the former constituent forces
Great Yarmouth Borough Police,
Norwich City Police


Great Yarmouth Borough Police

P/Fm George Shreeve

Died 3 March 1871, aged 31

Killed in a fall whilst checking the police fire brigade escape ladders.

PC Charles William Alger

Died 18 August 1909, aged 37

Killed as he approached a man who had threatened him with a shotgun.

SC George William Brown

Died 8 April 1941, aged 41

SC Herbert Cecil Davey

Died 8 April 1941, aged 55

SC William John Harrison

Died 8 April 1941, aged 70

SC Percy James Smowton

Died 8 April 1941, aged 59

SC Frederick George Willsmore

Died 8 April 1941, aged 38

Killed when a bomb fell outside their station during an enemy air raid.

Killed in enemy air raids off duty or duty status unknown:-

PWRC Harry William Rudd

Died 18 April 1941, aged 47

SC John Cussock O'Brien

Died 7 July 1941, aged 58

SC Cecil Parmenter

Died 18 February 1942, aged 30

Norwich City Police

PC William Callow

Died 23 June 1848

Fatally injured when attacked by a mob while taking prisoners to gaol.

P/Fm Henry Hook

Died 10 September 1892, aged 35

Fatally injured when a chimney fell onto him while fighting a fire.

SC Arthur John Pennymore

Died 2 December 1940, aged 55

SC George Gammon Smith

Died 5 September 1942, aged 43

Killed in enemy air raids, duty status unknown.

Ex-Sgt (NFS) Sam Bussey

Died 28 April 1942, aged 39

Killed by a bomb explosion while fighting fires during an enemy air raid.

PWRC Arthur Wilby

Died 27 June 1942, aged 35

Fatally injured fighting a fire at a church during an enemy air raid.

Norfolk Constabulary

PC Walter Ford

Died 30 June 1907, aged 45

Fatally stabbed by a deranged man he found outside his house at night.

SC Douglas Watson

Died 26 April 1941, aged 56

Killed in an enemy air raid, duty status unknown.

SC Charles Henry Purr

Died April 1944, aged 59

Fatally injured on night duty when knocked down by a cattle float.

PC David Protheroe Davies

Died 13 January 1968, aged 30

Killed when his police car went out of control on icy roads and crashed.

Ch/Insp Victor E. Shirley

Died January 1969, aged 47

Collapsed and died while on duty at Fakenham Police station.

PC Robert Craig Orr McLaren

Died 31 August 1981, aged 42

Killed when his patrol car crashed in pursuit of speeding motorcyclists.

PC John Ray Barton

Died 15 January 1986, aged 32

Killed when his police patrol car was crushed by a container lorry.

Sgt David Eveleigh Bowles

Died 27 March 1987, aged 42

Fatally injured clearing a fallen tree from the road when hit by a branch.

DC Terence George Glister

Died 23 September 1987, aged 43

Killed in a road accident with DC Last of Suffolk while on RCS duty.

PC Bernard John Brown

Died 6 September 2003, aged 47

Fatally injured when his patrol car crashed in the early hours.


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