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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty ~ Lest we Forget


North Yorkshire Police

 and the former constituent forces of

York City Police and Fire Brigade, North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary(part).


York City Police Fire Brigade

P/Fm John Henry Burdett

Died 31 October 1905, aged 48

Died from injuries sustained in a fall fighting a fire at railway premises.

York City Police

PWRC William Fowel Simpson

Died 10 June 1941, aged 37

Fatally injured in an enemy air raid, duty status unknown.

Sgt Albert Edward Wilkinson

Died about July 1942, aged 49

Collapsed and died, his death being accelerated by air raid rescue work.

North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary

Sgt James Weedy

Died 19 September 1890, aged 43

Shot dead attempting to arrest a man he had warned about his conduct.

Supt Thomas Deighton

Died December 1919, aged 56

Fatally injured in a motorcycling accident with the County motorcycle.

PC George Ernest Lain

Died 16-26 July 1965, aged 38

Took his own life as a result of being shot in the face during an arrest.

North Yorkshire Police

  A/DC Norman Garnham

Died 2 March 1977, aged 25

Stabbed to death by a suspect he was attempting to arrest after finishing duty.

PC David Ian Haigh

Died 17 June 1982, aged 29

Shot and killed by a suspect he was questioning in the early morning.

Sgt David Thomas Winter

Died 28 June 1982, aged 31

Shot dead when he confronted an armed suspect wanted for murder.

PC Keith Summerbell

Died 20 September 1982, aged 26

Killed in a collision with a lorry while on a motorcycle training course.

SC Glenn Thomas Goodman

Died 7 June 1992, aged 37

Shot dead by terrorist gunmen while checking a suspect car at Tadcaster.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

PC Robert Michael Ingram

Died 27 August 1993, aged 28

Killed when his patrol car crashed while attending an emergency call.

PC Glenn Robinson

Died 27 July 2005, aged 46

Killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling home from duty.

PC Andrew Bramma

Died 5 January 2013, aged 32

Killed responding to an emergency call when his vehicle crashed near Ripon.


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