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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Nottinghamshire Police


and constituent forces
Town of Nottingham, Nottingham City Police, Newark Borough Police, Nottinghamshire County Constabulary, Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary, Nottinghamshire Constabulary.


Town of Nottingham

Const George Ball

Died 16 August 1800

Shot dead while attempting to arrest an armed man wanted for robbery.

Insp Isaac Phelps

Died 26 March 1839, aged 53

Died of Hydrophobia after being bitten by a rabid dog he had rescued.

Nottingham City Police

Insp Joseph Burge

Died 9 March 1898, aged 39

Died of blood poisoning contracted while assisting at a post-mortem.

Sgt Ernest Crowston

Died 7 March 1921, aged 40

Fatally injured attempting to stop a speeding motorcycle while on patrol.

PWRC William F. Alexander

Died 9 May 1941, aged 37

PWRC William A. D. Wright

Died 7 June 1943, aged 37

Killed in enemy air raids off duty or duty status unknown.

Newark Borough Police

SC Frederick William Mann

Died 7 March 1941, aged 46

Killed during an enemy air raid.

Nottinghamshire County Constabulary

PC Robert Stamford

Died 21 January 1850, aged 46

Found dead of heart failure in a cart, escorting a prisoner who had escaped.

Insp George Hallam

Died 11 May 1891, aged 57

Fatally injured when he slipped on an orange peel on duty at East Retford.

Superintendent Christopher Hopkinson

Died 29 November 1900, aged 48

Fatally injured while on his rounds when his horse and trap overturned.

Sgt William H. Chapman

Died 16 February 1916, aged 43

Killed in a road accident while on bicycle patrol in stormy weather.

PC Job Cheshire

Died 7 October 1934, aged 42

Fatally injured on bicycle patrol in an accidental collision with a car.

Sgt Bernard Caulton

Died 16 January 1942, aged 47

Killed when his police car struck a stationary lorry in the black-out.

PC Raymond Free

Died 1 June 1950, aged 25

Collapsed and died after dealing with a domestic disturbance.

Insp Robert Allen

Died 18 December 1950, aged 41

Collapsed and died while on mobile patrol duty.

PC Michael John Tingle

Died 29 April 1967, aged 23

Killed while on bicycle patrol when struck by a van, which failed to stop.

Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary

PC Edwin Bancroft

Died 23 May 1969, aged 41

Fatally injured in a road accident when his moped collided with a car.

PC James Gorringe

Died 30 June 1970, aged 48

Killed assisting at a breakdown on the motorway when hit by a lorry.

PC Brian Moore

Died 16 November 1973, aged 33

Fatally injured in a road traffic accident while on traffic patrol in Mansfield.

Nottinghamshire  Constabulary

PC Ernest E. Beecroft

Died 13 October 1975, aged 33

Killed in a road accident while on motorcycle patrol.

PC Stephen Atkinson

Died 24 October 1977, aged 30

Fatally injured in an accident when hit by a car while on point duty.

PC Christopher John McDonald

Died 17 May 1978, aged 19

Beaten with a brick and drowned when attempting to arrest a burglar.

PC Terence Edward Ashley

Died 14 November 1979, aged 36

Killed when his police vehicle was in collision with a milk lorry.

PC Maurice Frederick Farmer

Died 14 January 1981, aged 32

Killed in a road accident while on motorcycle patrol.

Ch/Supt Richard Clive Beacock

Died 26 January 1984, aged 49

Collapsed and died of heart failure while on duty at police headquarters.

Nottinghamshire Police

D/Sgt Ludwik Robert Sowka

Died 25 January 2002, aged 51

Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident while travelling to duty.

PC Gerald Michael Walker

Died 9 January 2003, aged 42

Fatally injured when dragged by a vehicle while attempting an arrest.


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