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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Staffordshire Police


and the former constituent forces of
Parish of Chesterton, Hanley Police Fire Brigade,
Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Police, Stoke-on-Trent Borough Police,
Staffordshire Constabulary, Staffordshire County Police, and
Staffordshire County and Stoke-on-Trent Constabulary.


 Parish of Chesterton

Par/Const James Beech

Died 4 August 1843

Fatally stabbed with his own cutlass attempting to arrest armed poachers.

Hanley Police Fire Brigade

Sgt John Cooper

Died 23 June 1903, aged 50

Fatally injured while fighting a fire when a chimney stack fell on him.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Police

PC John Welch

Died 9 January 1915, aged 47

Fatally injured while on patrol when he was knocked down by a tramcar.

SC Wilmot Reginald Sedgley

Died 16 January 1941, aged 34

Killed by a delayed action bomb while searching for air raid survivors.

PWRC Leslie Jackson

Died 5 June 1943, aged 33

Killed during an enemy air raid at Loggerheads, duty status unknown.

Stoke-on-Trent Borough Police

PC Raymond Harris

Died 27 July 1939, aged 38

Collapsed and died after dealing with two prisoners during the night.

Staffordshire Constabulary

PC James Crump

Died 25 September 1862, aged 21

Fatally injured when assaulted by 3 men he tried to move on at night.

PC John McHarg

Died 20 May 1865, aged 22

Killed falling down a colliery pit at night while on his beat at West Bromwich.

PC William Lyons

Died 18 May 1864, aged 23

Fatally injured when hit by a brick trying to arrest a disorderly man.

PC Enoch Augustus Hooper

Died 9 December 1865, aged 38

Stabbed to death assisting another officer attacked during an arrest.

PC Henry Cooke

Died 8 March 1879, aged 36

Shot attempting an arrest in June 1877 and subsequently died of heart failure.

PC John Plant

Died 12 August 1882, aged 36

Accidentally killed by a passing train while on duty near Sudbury.

PC William Saunders

Died 8 July 1887, aged 40

Accidentally shot by another officer examining a gamekeeper's gun.

PC Henry William Brown

Died 7 August 1887, aged 28

Beaten and drowned in a canal suspected to be by poachers.

PC William Ezra Price

Died 26 January 1903, aged 35

Bludgeoned to death attempting to arrest three men for theft at Stretton.

Insp Samuel John Gibbs

Died 19 February 1908, aged 47

Died after twice fracturing his leg in falls whilst on duty.

PC Harry Adams

Died 27 December 1914, aged 46

Fatally injured in a bicycle accident while returning home from duty.

PC Percy John Oldacre

Died 28 January 1928, aged 32

Fatally injured when knocked down by a motor car whilst on traffic duty.

PC Arthur Edwin Fletcher

Died 30 January 1928, aged 44

Fatally injured on patrol at night when knocked down by a lorry.

Staffordshire County Police

Insp Walter Cecil Bett

Died 13 January 1930, aged 35

Fatally injured on motorcycle patrol when he swerved to avoid a drunk.

SC Thomas Arthur Richardson

Died 22 October 1939, aged 40

Fatally injured when knocked down by a motor car while on night duty.

PC Harold Bridges

Died 3 April 1942, aged 21

Fatally injured in a road accident while on motorcycle patrol.

PC Brinley James Booth

Died 6 June 1946, aged 31

Fatally injured when bludgeoned by a suspect he chased and caught.

Insp James Weaver

Died 10 October 1946, aged 50

Collapsed and died on duty as Drill Instructor at the training centre.

PC Robert McIntyre

Died 20 August 1949 aged 32

Collapsed and died while servicing a police car at the motor training centre.

PC Edward Horace Wilkins

Died 3 March 1952, aged 34

Killed in a fall from a lorry, which gave him a lift to the police station.

PC Daniel Patrick Brosnan

Died 23 August 1964, aged 21

Killed when struck by a vehicle while directing traffic at an accident scene.

Sgt Peter Louis Harman

Died 2 January 1967, aged 27

Fatally injured in a road traffic accident at Lichfield while travelling to duty. 

PC Clive Blackburn

Died 24 February 1967, aged 30

Killed assisting at the scene of a breakdown when hit by another car.

Staffordshire County and Stoke-on-Trent Constabulary

PC Robert Michael Potts

Died 9 August 1968, aged 22

Fatally injured when his motorcycle was in collision with a petrol tanker.

Staffordshire Police

PC John David Hunt

Died 9 March 1976, aged 30

Killed when his police motorcycle was in collision with a car. 

PC Dennis Tunnicliffe

Died 9 March 1976, aged 27

Killed when his police motorcycle was in collision with a car.

PC Nigel Thomas Parnell

Died 26 August 1980

Killed in a motorcycle accident whilst escorting an abnormal load.

PC Robert David Owen

Died 17 January 1985, aged 28

PC Graham Whitehurst

Died 17 January 1985, aged 33

Killed together in a police car crash while responding to an emergency call.

PC John David Taylor

Died 23 November 1986, aged 26

Fatally injured when pushed from a building while arresting a burglar.

PC Stephen Mack

Died 5 September 1994, aged 41

Killed when struck by a van while cycling to work at Police Headquarters.


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