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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

and the former constituent forces of

Parish of Foy, Hereford City Police, Herefordshire Constabulary,
Kidderminster Borough Police, Shrewsbury Borough Police
and Fire Brigade, Shropshire Constabulary, Worcester City Police, Worcestershire Constabulary, West Mercia Constabulary.


Parish of Foy, Herefordshire

Const George Davis

Died 31 May 1853, aged 38

Fatally beaten with stones and sticks dispersing a drunken mob.

Hereford City Police

PWRC Henry James Hand

Died 31 August 1943, aged 71

Collapsed while reporting for duty at a gas works and died in hospital.

Herefordshire Constabulary

SC William Thomas Mellen

Died 20 October 1940, aged 45

Died from a broken neck when knocked down by a disorderly man.

SC William Constantine Walton

Died 30 May 1944, aged 50

Killed by enemy action during an air raid at a Royal Ordnance Factory.

T/Sgt Hugh Brian Carter

Died 28 September 1956, aged 25

Shot by terrorists while serving with the British Police Unit in Cyprus

Kidderminster Borough Police

PC Aubrey Ronald Rudge

Died 14 April 1939, aged 22

Killed when crushed by wagons while checking railway sidings.

PC Emlyn James

Died 1 April 1942, aged 37

Accidentally killed by a lorry whilst checking cars after a POW escape.

Shrewsbury Borough Police

PC Frank Woolham

Died 20 June 1926, aged 37

Fatally injured when knocked down by a car at an accident scene.

PC Henry G. A. Speake

Died 3 August 1937, aged 21

After a chase on foot he pursued an absconder into a river and drowned.

Shrewsbury Police Fire Brigade

Insp George Henry Faulconbridge

Died 24 August 1938, aged 50

Fatally injured in a fall during fire drill demonstrating a fire escape.

Shropshire Constabulary

PC John Micklewright

Died 17 April 1849, aged 37

Died of injuries received 2 January when his legs were broken by a drunk.

SC Alfred Hill

Died 9 February 1940

Killed on patrol pushing his bicycle in the black-out when hit by a lorry.

PC Ronald James Chebsey

Died 21 January 1957, aged 30

Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident while on patrol at night.

PC Francis Jesse Blencowe

Died 19 February 1966, aged 43

Killed while questioning a car driver when struck by another vehicle.

Worcester City Police

Sgt Joseph Troughton

Died 27 June 1906, aged 43

Collapsed and died soon after going on night duty patrol.

PC Alfred Sydney Hall

Died 1 April 1929, aged 29

Injured in training in 1924, which caused or accelerated his death.

Worcestershire Constabulary

PC James Dovey

Died 19 January 1869, aged 45

Collapsed and died attempting to control a crowd during elections.

PC James Davies

Died 28 February 1885, aged 33

Stabbed to death by a thief he attempted to arrest during the night.

PC William Sivell

Died 23 July 1900, aged 27

Collapsed and died in the station yard near the end of his night duty.

PC Alfred Clarke

Died 21 December 1900, aged 43

Died of a fractured skull caused by a fall, searching for a wanted man.

Sgt Frank Short

Died 7 October 1905, aged 47

Died at his station never fully recovering from an assault in 1901.

PC Howard Sidney Overton

Died 28 May 1928, aged 51

Killed trying to save a child who ran into the road, when hit by two cars.

PC Franklin George Davies

Died 8 December 1952, aged 49

Found drowned in a canal lock on night duty but how was not known.

PC Victor Frederick J. Jones

Died 16 February 1953, aged 23

Killed when his police motorcycle skidded and crashed on icy roads.

West Mercia Constabulary

PC Anthony Barsby

Died 15 May 1969, aged 30

Fatally injured in collision with a lorry while on motorcycle patrol.

PC Ronald Boxley

Died 1 July 1971, aged 30

Killed when his patrol car was involved in a road traffic accident.

DC John Edgar Irvine

Died 24 July 1977, aged 29

Killed in a car crash attending a call when he swerved to avoid a child.

PC Ashley Ivor Burchell

Died 11 May 1985, aged 38

Collapsed and died while training his police dog.

PC Paul John Symonds

Died 17 April 1991, aged 32

Killed when observer in a traffic car which crashed while on patrol.

PC John Anthony Bonelle

Died 6 May 1998, aged 34

Killed in a road accident while on a motorcycle training course.

PC David Hadyn Hopkins

Died 28 May 1998, aged 41

Fatally injured in collision with a car while an outrider for a cycle race.

PC Richard Gray

Died 6 May 2007, aged 43

Fatally shot attempting to arrest a gunman holding two officers hostage.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Bravery.

West Mercia Police

Sgt Ian David Jones

Died 2 March 2011, aged 53

Collapsed and died from heart failure in the Dog-Section office at Police H.Q.

PC Anthony Wright

Died 9 August 2011, aged 47

Died when his motorcycle was in collision with a car in Kidderminster.


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