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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Wiltshire Police


formerly Wiltshire Constabulary


Wiltshire Constabulary

PC Andrew Albert Reuben Hancock

Died 31 October 1875, aged 33

Died from injuries received when assaulted quelling a disturbance.

Sgt Enos Molden

Died 12 April 1892, aged 49

Shot and fatally wounded arresting an armed man wanted for murder.

Supt Frederick Bull

Died 30 July 1892, aged 52

Fatally injured on duty trying to stop his horse and trap which had bolted.

Sgt William Frank Crouch

Died 31 March 1913, aged 33

Shot dead by a constable he had reported who then killed himself.

PC Frank Gray

Died 17 March 1929, aged 23

Fatally injured in an accident when his motorcycle collided with a car.

PC Henry G. Tanner

Died 5 September 1931, aged 33

Found dead beside his crashed motorcycle in the early morning.

R/Insp Albert Enos Mitchell

Died 7 May 1940, aged 53

Killed in collision with a car while cycling to a crime scene at Swindon.

PWRC Albert William Newman

Died 10 March 1942, aged 36

Shot dead with his police revolver but no evidence as to the cause.

Ch/Insp Edmund Richard Norris MC

Died 19 January 1955, aged 41

Fatally injured when his car crashed returning from a police conference.

PC Maurice William Foord

Died 28 January 1961, aged 43

Fatally injured when hit by a car while directing traffic at an accident scene .

PC Cedric A. Hemming

Died 16 April 1968, aged 25

Killed when struck by a passing car while at the scene of an accident.

PC Colin D. R. Hayward

Died 4 October 1968, aged 22

Fatally injured in a collision with his police motorcycle and a lorry.

PC Robert Edward Cray

Died 23 September 1973, aged 27

Fatally injured when struck by a passing car at an accident scene.

PC Leonard Alan Harding

Died 13 July 1977, aged 28

Fatally injured when his police motorcycle was involved in an accident.

PC Philip Stephen Russell

Died 16 August 1978, aged 22

Killed in a road traffic accident while travelling to the training school.

PC Desmond Derrick Kellam

Died 3 October 1979, aged 31

Killed when struck with a billhook while attempting to arrest a burglar.

DC Mark Herbert

Died 3 September 1987, aged 30

Killed in a road collision of a lorry and his car whilst on surveillance duties.

PC John Lewis Marsh

Died 5 June 1989, aged 40

A dog handler, collapsed and died after struggling to arrest a suspect.

Sgt Michael Ivor Tucker

Died 5 November 1991, aged 49

Collapsed on a firearms training course dying later in hospital of heart failure.

PC Christopher Mark Regelous

Died 23 December 1991, aged 32

Fatally injured in a road traffic accident while travelling home from duty.

Sgt Philip Henry Singleton

Died 16 May 1996, aged 40

Collapsed and died of heart failure in his office at the police station.

Wiltshire Police

PC Michael James Johnson

Died 3 August 2009, aged 46

When reporting for duty he collapsed at the station and died of heart failure.

PC Daniel John Cooper

Died 1 February 2010, aged 22

Died when his police car crashed responding to a police assistance call.


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