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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

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The former constituent forces of the six counties of Northern Ireland
Belfast Borough Police, Ulster Constabulary, Irish Revenue Police, Constabulary of Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary.


Belfast Borough Police

Const Thomas Warren

Died 27 January 1827

Shot dead when he forced entry to a house to execute a warrant.

Const John McBride

Died July 1838

Killed in a fall from a cart when his horse bolted going to the Assizes.

Ulster Constabulary

Sub-Const Thomas McKinley

Died 2 August 1826

Killed in defending police barracks from an attack of a riotous mob.

Sub-Const Patrick Cleary

Died 8 November 1828

Killed on duty in an affray in Co. Down.

Sub-Const William West

Died 31 August 1829

Killed whilst attempting to execute a warrant for assault in Co. Antrim.

Sub-Const Thompson Morrison

Died 18 January 1830

Shot dead by an unknown gunman while taking names of rioters.

Sub-Const Robert Wiggins

8 October 1832

Killed when police confronted an armed party during the night.

Irish Revenue Police

Const Stewart

Died 22 April 1836

Fatally beaten by a mob attacking his patrol after seizing contraband.

Constabulary of Ireland

Const Patrick Burke

Died 17 March 1849, aged 24

Shot dead when his police cordon, protecting a parade, was fired upon.

Sub-Insp Thomas Thornley

Died 30 April 1850, aged 53

Died of severe injuries received on duty in December 1849 in Co. Antrim.

Sgt Robert McClelland

Died 5 December 1859, aged 35

Shot dead by one of his constables in revenge for reporting him.

Royal Irish Constabulary

Sub-Const Joseph Morton

Died 20 August 1872, aged 34

Shot dead whilst attempting to keep two rioting mobs apart in Belfast.

Const Francis Murphy

Died 29 December 1874, aged 38

Shot by a sub-constable whom he had reported for neglect of duty.

Sub-Insp Samuel Boyce

Died 23 June 1879, aged 40

Killed when he was thrown from his horse going to inspect a barracks.

H/Const William Gardiner

Died 14 July 1886, aged 46

Shot and fatally wounded during sectarian rioting in Belfast.

Dist/Insp Joshua William V. Bernard

Died 23 September 1887, aged 45

Died from injuries received in December 1886 during riots in Belfast.

Const William John Finlay

Died 8 January 1891, aged 39

Fatally injured in a fall down a flight of steps on duty in Portrush, Co. Antrim.

Const John A. Wallace

Died 28 July 1909, aged 21

Drowned in a gallant endeavour to save the life of a comrade.  

A/Sgt Brian Taylor

Died 12 August 1914, aged 36

Killed when he was run over by a railway train on duty in Belfast.

Const Edward Casey

Died 27 October 1914, aged 39

Died of disease accelerated by an assault while arresting a prisoner.

H/Const Patrick Donnelly

Died 8 August 1915, aged 51

Died of disease following an injury to his back sustained while on duty.

D/Sgt Denis Moroney

Died 15 May 1920, aged 40

Fatally shot assisting officers to disperse rioters in Derry City.

Sgt Timothy Holland

Died 9 June 1920, aged 41

Fatally shot when his patrol was attacked by several gunmen.

H/Const Samuel Perrott

Died 3 July 1920 aged 49

Died of heart failure after being struck by a stone during rioting.

Dist Insp Oswald Ross Swanzy

Died 22 August 1920, aged 39

Shot dead at close range by an IRA squad as he left church off duty.

Const James Munnelly

Died 26 August 1920, aged 30

Shot and fatally wounded during an IRA attack on his barracks.

Const Thomas Leonard

Died 25 September 1920, aged 35

Fatally shot while on foot patrol when ambushed by two gunmen.

Const John Flaherty

Died 16 October 1920, aged 46

Shot and fatally wounded when fired upon while on foot patrol.

Sgt Samuel Wilfred Lucas

Died 4 November 1920, aged 45

Shot and fatally wounded when IRA men attacked his barracks.

Const Hugh Kearns

Died 8 November 1920 aged 35

Fatally shot while chasing gunmen who had fired on an army patrol.

H/Const John J. Kearney

Died 22 November 1920, aged 51

Shot and fatally wounded when leaving church while off duty.

Const William Gaffney

Died 23 December 1920 aged 35

Killed in a road accident when his police vehicle overturned.

Sgt John J. Kemp

Died 23 January 1921, aged 43

Fatally wounded while off duty by a bomb thrown by two masked men.

Const Thomas Heffron, 26

Awarded the Constabulary Medal for Gallantry

Const Michael Quinn, 20

Awarded the Constabulary Medal for Gallantry

Died 26 January 1921

Shot dead while asleep in a hotel while on escort duty from Dublin.

Const Robert A. Crook, 26

Const John McIntosh, 26

Died 11 March 1921

Const Walter H. Cooper

Died 13 March 1921, aged 28

Fatally shot while off duty in Belfast when attacked by several gunmen.

H/Const John Boyd

Died 23 March 1921, aged 46

Fatally shot by a suspected burglar while searching his house.

Sgt John Higgins

Died 1 April 1921, aged 48

Shot at close range and fatally wounded walking home for tea.

Const Michael Kenny

Died 6 April 1921, aged 33

Shot and fatally wounded defending his barracks during an IRA attack.

Cadet Ernest Baran Bolam

Died 23 April 1921, aged 34

Cadet John Beets Bales

Died 24 April 1921, aged 23

Shot and fatally wounded on escort duty when attacked by two men.

T/Sgt Peter Joseph McDonagh

Died 21 May 1921, aged 31

Killed when his bicycle patrol was ambushed returning to barracks.

Sgt Michael Burke

Died 5 June 1921, aged 28

Shot dead when his patrol was ambushed at night by 20 IRA men.

Const James Glover

Died 7 July 1921, aged 31

Fatally shot returning to barracks when attacked by several gunmen.

Const Timothy Joseph Galvin

Died 8 July 1921, aged 26

Shot and fatally wounded on traffic control when attacked by four men.

Const Thomas Conlon

Died 10 July 1921, aged 32

Shot dead while on mobile patrol at night when his vehicle was fired on.

Const Michael Gorman

Died 2 December 1921, aged 45

Killed with a Special Constable during an attempted IRA prison breakout.

Const Francis Hill

Died 19 January 1922, aged 32

Fatally shot leading a USC patrol when attacked by a group of men in Belfast.

Sgt Eugene Ahern

Died 15 February 1922 aged 51

Killed by the accidental discharge of a machine gun being unloaded.

Const James Cullen, 23

Const Patrick J. O`Connor, 35

Died 10 March 1922

Fatally shot returning to barracks after being relieved from their post.

Sgt Christopher P. Clarke

Died 13 March 1922, aged 41

Fatally shot by an armed gang while returning from a funeral in Belfast.

Posthumously awarded the Constabulary Medal for Gallantry.

Sgt Patrick Joseph Early

Died 29 March 1922, aged 30

Shot dead with a Special Constable when IRA gunmen attacked a patrol.

Const George P. P. Turner

Died 1 April 1922, aged 40

Shot dead by a sniper while on patrol with Special Constables in Belfast.

Sgt John Bruin

Died 20 April 1922, aged 37

Fatally shot attempting to stop two armed men robbing a public house.

Const John Harvey

Died 2 May 1922, aged 37

Shot dead when a large number of IRA gunmen attacked his barracks.

Sgt Frederick J. Frizelle

Died 4 May 1922, aged 40

Fatally shot with two USC Constables when IRA gunmen attacked a patrol.

Const John Collins

Died 18 May 1922, aged 49

Shot dead when IRA gunmen in police uniform attacked a barracks.

Const William Heaslip

Died 19 May 1922, aged 28

Shot dead during the arrest of two IRA gunmen for theft from a shop.

Const Henry O`Brien

Died 30 May 1922, aged 23

Shot and fatally wounded when fired on outside his barracks.


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