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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Mersey Tunnels Police badge




Constable Derek McIntyre

Book of Remembrance

Mersey Tunnel Police badge 1967

Derek Ian McIntyre

Police Constable

Mersey Tunnel Police

Died 10 November 1967 aged 24

A double crewed Police Landrover responded to an the early morning report of an iron bar lying across two lanes of the tunnel; the police vehicle brought traffic to a halt and Constable McIntyre got out to remove the obstruction. As he did so a 22 ton lorry and trailer failed to stop striking both a private car and the police vehicle before hitting the officer and dragging him 120 feet to his death.

The lorry was found to have defective brakes and the driver was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, fined and disqualified from driving.

Derek is the only member of the force known to have lost his life on duty.



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