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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

 and the former constituent forces of
Alloa Burgh Police, Stirlingshire Constabulary,
Stirling and Clackmannan Constabulary.


Alloa Burgh Police

PC Donald McKinnon Anderson

Died 14 December 1875, aged 38

Died after amputation of his leg, broken when he fell while on patrol.

Stirlingshire Constabulary

PC Peter McLaren

Died 2 October 1908, aged 21

Found drowned in the canal while patrolling his beat on a foggy night.

Stirling and Clackmannan Constabulary

Insp John Duncan Gordon

Died 9 January 1956, aged 47

 Collapsed and died of heart failure in Bridge of Allan Police Station.

PC Joseph Stewart Drake

Died 11 August 1967, aged 36

Killed while attempting to stop a stolen vehicle at a road block near Falkirk.

Central Scotland Police

PC James Mason

Died 27 November 1976, aged 27

Fatally injured when his police car was involved in a road accident.

PC John Keir Bennie

Died 21 February 1980, aged 45

Collapsed and died from heart failure while on routine patrol at Falkirk.

SC Edward Bell

Died 9 August 1981, aged 35

Fatally injured in a road accident on mobile patrol with regular officers.

Sgt Henry John Gauld Lawrie BEM

Died 1st February 1987, aged 45

Killed in a helicopter crash during a mountain rescue on Ben More.

PC Edward James Walton

Died 13 May 1989, aged 34

Killed in a road traffic accident while observer in a patrol van.


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