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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


Gwent Police

and the former constituent forces of


Newport Harbour Police

PC William Nash

Died 18 August 1855

While on night patrol he accidentally fell into the River Usk and drowned.

Newport Borough Police

PC Thomas Turner

Died 8 November 1875, aged 43

Fatally injured when attacked by a riotous mob and his leg was broken.

PC James Collins

Died 4 October 1930, aged 32

Died of a fractured skull after falling over debris in the police cell corridor.

PC Peter Charles John Griffin

PC Hosea Pope

Died 15 March 1960, aged 35

Fatally injured when knocked down directing lorries to a checkpoint.

Monmouthshire Constabulary

Died 14 July 1911, aged 33

Fatally injured when bludgeoned with a stone attempting an arrest.

PC William Henry Shapland

Died 27 February 1921, aged 36

Fatally injured while on point duty when knocked down by a motor car.

Gwent Constabulary

PC Adrian Bryn Ellis

Died 27 September 1989, aged 29

Killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling to report for duty.

PC Terence John Davies

Died 23 August 1990, aged 34

Fatally injured while cycling home from duty when struck by a stolen car.

Gwent Police

PC Steven Richard Jenkins

Died 6 October 2017, aged 43

Collapsed in a police station and despite resuscitation attempts he died.


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