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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

North Wales Police


and the former consituent Forces of

Anglesey Constabulary, Caernarfonshire Constabulary,
Denbighshire Constabulary
, Flintshire Constabulary,
Gwynedd Constabulary


Anglesey Constabulary

PC William Jones

Died 13 February 1864

Fatally injured when accidentally thrown from a cart while on duty.

PC Robert Pritchard

Died 22 November 1924, aged 49

Shot and fatally wounded while attempting to arrest an armed man.

PC George Cledwyn Arthur

Died 28 August 1941, aged 29

Drowned trying to rescue the crew of a crashed aircraft from a stormy sea.

Posthumously awarded the King's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

Caernarfonshire Constabulary

PC Thomas Williams

Died 22 February 1928, aged 36

Died of pneumonia contracted after going in the sea to retrieve a body.

Denbighshire Constabulary

PC Henry Green

Died 12 April 1863, aged 29

Struck and fatally injured by a man he was moving on at Pentre Broughton.

PC John Purcell

Died 24 November 1865, aged 35

Found drowned in the River Ceiriog at St Martins whilst on night duty.

Sgt David Lewis

Died 5 October 1916, aged 41

Died from injuries received in 1915 when assaulted during an arrest.

Sgt Eric Morris Jones

Died 2 September 1949, aged 44

Drowned in the sea on night duty in unknown circumstances.

Flintshire Constabulary

PC James Blythen

Died 1 July 1913, aged 36

Fatally injured when he was hit by a motor car while directing traffic.

Sgt Robert Roberts

Died 8 September 1949, aged 45

Killed when run over by a train as he kept observations for thieves.

Gwynedd Constabulary

PC Selwyn Roberts

Died 3 July 1969, aged 37

Killed when his patrol car was in collision with a military vehicle.

North Wales Police

PC Kenneth Adrian Hill

Died 20 October 1985, aged 21

Fatally injured in a road collision driving to the police training centre.

PC Michael Evans

Died 7 January 1987, aged 30

Killed when he lost control of his patrol car on icy roads and crashed.

PC Andrew James Harrison

Died 27 October 1987, aged 21

Fatally injured in a road traffic collision returning home from duty.

PC Stephen John Tiley

Died 29 November 1992, aged 34

Fatally injured when his motorcycle struck a car while on traffic patrol.

PC Ralph Charles Jones

Died 13 July 1999, aged 34

Fatally injured in a road collision on a motorcycle training course.

PC Andrew David Parker

Died 23 September 2005, aged 30

Fatally injured in a motorcycle crash while travelling home from night duty.

PC Richard Charles Gostage

Died 24 August 2006, aged 46

Killed in a road accident when his unmarked police motorcycle crashed.


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