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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty ~ Lest we Forget

Article November 2001

Anthony Rae, Founder of the Police Roll of Honour Trust charity reports

on the Dedication of the new Metropolitan Police Memorial and

Book of Remembrance by Her Majesty The Queen


Metropolitan Police Memorial


When the Her Majesty the Queen recently visited the Peel Centre, Hendon, for the first annual Metropolitan Police Ceremony of Remembrance,  former Metropolitan Constable now Lancashire Sergeant, Anthony Rae, and his wife Ruth were among official guests of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens.

Anthony and Ruth, who were also representing the Police Roll of Honour Trust, were presented to Her Majesty The Queen, following the Dedication Ceremony of the new Metropolitan Police Memorial and the accompanying Book of Remembrance, which Anthony had authored.

Book of Remembarnce           Metropolitan Police Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance, which contains a Roll of Honour with citations for over 550 officers and civil staff killed in the line of duty since the Metropolitan Police was formed in 1829, was dedicated and signed by The Queen in the presence of many relatives of the fallen officers. The Book had been researched and written by Trust founder Sergeant Rae after 20 years research and was professionally produced, using calligraphy and artwork, in a large format and bound in blue, embossed leather.

title page          sample page from Roll

Research to compile the book was begun by Sergeant Rae in 1981 while serving with the Metropolitan Police, before his transfer back to the Lancashire Constabulary. Having previously provided a Roll of Honour and List of Remembrance for the Force's "Official Encyclopedia of Scotland Yard", last year, at the request of Deputy Commissioner Ian Blair, the Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary, Pauline Clare, seconded Anthony back to the Metropolitan Police for two months during which time he was able to work full time on the project to complete the research for the more detailed Memorial book.

Sergeant Rae said " My wife and I were greatly honoured to represent the Trust and to meet and speak with the Queen, it has been a tremendous task to complete the work but this and the personal thanks given by many of the relatives present have made it all worthwhile."

Sergeant Rae presented to HM The Queen by Sir John Stevens

The completion of this Book of Remembrance is part of a much larger project to compile a National Police Officers Roll of Honour, a project began in 1995, for all police services of the United Kingdom, past and present. Anthony has previously helped several forces compile a Roll of Honour but this was the first time he had been asked to research, write and oversee the production of a Book of Remembrance in its entirety.

Already two other large forces have approached the Trust to assist them with new Rolls of Honour. Eventually the aim is to publish a Roll of Honour for the whole of the UK, with a Book of Remembrance sited at a National Police Memorial and additional information available via the Internet.

The Police Roll of Honour Trust, has attracted funding and support from all UK Police Forces and Staff Associations. Corporate sponsors include Roland Smith Ltd, Royal & Sun Alliance and Norwich Union insurance companies.

The charitable trust is now seeking sponsorship to fund the work on a national basis, and in particular is asking companies and businesses, which want to acknowledge  police officers who gave their lives for their communities, for their assistance.

Anthony said "The hundreds of letters that I have received in recent years, not only from the officers' families but from the general public, illustrates that paying this tribute to our officers who have fallen in the service of the community has immense value in promoting police and community relations."

        HM The Queen signing the Book of Remembrance             Sergeant Rae with the Book he compiled

The Book of Remembrance signed by Her Majesty The Queen contains the Force's first historical Roll of Honour

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