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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty ~ Lest we Forget


Greater Manchester Police

and the former constituent forces of
Township of Manchester, Township of Cheetham,
Ashton-under-Lyne Borough Police, Wigan Borough Police,
StalybridgeBorough Police, Bolton Borough Police, Oldham Borough Police
Fire Brigade,
Rochdale Borough Police, Stockport Borough Police
Fire Brigade, Salford Borough and City Police and Fire Brigade,
Manchester City Police and Fire Brigade, Manchester and Salford Police


Township of Manchester

SC John Ashworth

Died 16 August 1819

Mistakenly sabred by the military dispersing an illegal public meeting.

SC Robert Campbell

Died 30 August 1819

Fatally beaten by a mob the day after the military dispersed a public meeting.

W/man George Howarth

Died 11 October 1828

Attacked by a man and fatally stabbed on patrol in the early hours.

Township of Cheetham

Const Isaac Gee

Died 5 june 1830

Fatally assaulted attempting to arrest a man during a fight in the street.

Dep/Const Henry Bailey

Died 11 March 1835, aged 42

Drowned attempting to rescue a small boy who had fallen in a river.

Ashton-under-Lyne Borough Police

PC James Bright

Died 14 August 1848, aged 32

Stabbed with a pike and shot during rioting by a Chartist mob.

Wigan Borough Police

PC Edward Carter

Died 6 March 1904, aged 41

Died from injuries received trying to stop a runaway horse and van.

Sgt Samuel Miller

Died 3 July 1905, aged 51

Collapsed and died of heart failure after running to assist in an arrest.

Stalybridge Borough Police

PC Henry Stanislaus Wells

Died 13 April 1905, aged 36

Collapsed and died from heart failure while on duty.

PC Brierley Grimshaw

Died March 1915, aged 34

Drowned when he fell in a canal on patrol at night during a snowstorm.

PC David Buckley

Died 2 October 1921, aged 37

Fatally injured when struck by a motorcycle while on patrol at night.

Bolton Borough Police

PC James Green

Died 25 July 1889

Fatally injured when run over attempting to stop a runaway dray horse.

A/Sgt John Geoffrey W. Lace

Died 4 February 1962, aged 38

Fatally injured when accidentally struck by a van while on foot patrol.

Oldham Police Fire Brigade

P/Fm Jonathan Jackson

Died 29 February 1876, aged 35

Caught a severe cold at the scene of a fire and subsequently died.

A/Sgt Edward Schofield

Died 12 March 1886, aged 30

Killed when a wall collapsed while fighting a serious warehouse fire.

Oldham Borough Police

P/Fm John Giblin

Died 20 April 1900, aged 26

Fatally injured in a fall down the fireman's hole to the engine house.

PC Alfred Henry Pretty

Died October 1907, aged 43

Collapsed and died whilst on patrol.

PC Lawrence Hopwood

Died 29 March 1959, aged 30

Accidentally killed in a collision with a car while on bicycle patrol.

Sgt Francis Prendergast

Died 3 December 1963, aged 39

Killed when a wall collapsed onto him whilst on patrol during a storm.

Rochdale Borough Police

PWRC Harold Henry

Died  June 1940, aged 36

Collapsed and died while patrolling his beat late at night.

Sgt Thomas William Dale

Died 20 March 1941, aged 39

Insp Harry Saul Stables

Died 21 March 1941, aged 43

Fatally injured searching premises when a booby trap box exploded.

WPC Carol A. Waddington

Died 21 December 1968, aged 19

Killed in a car accident returning from the police training centre.

Stockport Police Fire Brigade

P/Fm William Walker

Died 16 May 1873, aged 51

Killed when he fell ascending a ladder whilst fighting a fire at a mill.

P/Fm John Taylor

Died 2 June 1908, aged 34

Died from injuries received at a fire.

Supt Howard Beckwith KPFSM

Died 29 December 1926, aged 64

Killed when his fire engine crashed while responding to a fire call.

Stockport Borough Police

Sgt Edwin Leigh

Died 9 June 1921, aged 49

Collapsed and died from heart failure while on foot patrol duty.

PWRC Leonard Litchfield

Died April 1942, aged 36

Fatally injured when struck by a tramcar whilst directing traffic.

PC Robert Sixton

Died 23 June 1943, aged 50

Fatally injured when the cycle he was riding on duty was struck by a van.

PC Samuel Smith

Died 18 October 1963, aged 36

Fatally injured when his traffic car crashed pursuing a motorcyclist.

Salford Borough Police

PC George Frederick Baker

Died 31 August 1873, aged 23

Fatally injured during an arrest by a stone thrown from a hostile crowd.

Sgt George Green

Died 4 November 1875, aged 37

Killed stopping a runaway horse and cart endangering pedestrians.

PC Robert Bain

Died 11 July 1906, aged 46

Died following amputation of his leg injured by an assault in 1905.

PC Robert Walter Croston Chapman

Died 1 January 1918, aged 42

Found in the road with fatal head injuries while on patrol at night.

Salford Police Fire Brigade

P/Fm James Hacking Baldy

Died 23 December 1940, aged 29

Fatally injured by the explosion of a delayed action bomb in an air raid.

Salford City Police

PWRC Franklyn Baden Wilkinson

Died 23 December 1940, aged 40

Insp John William Salthouse

Died 24 December 1940, aged 43

Fatally injured in an air raid when a bomb exploded at the police station.

PWRC Norman Williams

Died 7 December 1941, aged 41 Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.

DC Albert Dennis Salthouse

Died 28 July 1952, aged 29

Killed when the car in which he was escorting a prisoner crashed.

Manchester City Police Fire Brigade

P/Fm Richard Sykes

Died 30 November 1894, aged 33

Fatally injured when thrown from a horse drawn fire tender he drove.

P/Fm George Albert

Died 23 December 1940, aged 42

Killed by enemy action while on duty during an air raid.

Manchester City Police

Sgt Charles Brett

Died 18 September 1867, aged 51

Shot dead after refusing to give the keys of his prison van to gunmen.

PC Frederick Victor Hines

Died 1 February 1921, aged 31

Killed on mounted patrol when his horse bolted and fell, throwing him.

PC Tom Williamson Jewes

Died 16 June 1933, aged 25

While attempting to rescue a man from the river both were drowned.

PC Arthur Allen

Died September 1933, aged 30

Fatally injured when the patrol van  radiator blew back in his face.

PC James Wright

Died 20 June 1934, aged 38

Fatally injured on point duty when struck by a car which failed to stop.

SC Thomas Campbell Sides

Died 23 December 1940, aged 33

PC Horace Whitham

Died 23 December 1940, aged 35

PC Thomas Gordon Andrew

Died 23 December 1940, aged 35

PC Edward William Bewsher

Died 24 December 1940, aged 34

Killed by enemy action while on duty during air raids.

SC Samuel Stanley Jones

Died 11 March 1941, aged 21

Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.

Insp Reginald Stephenson

Died 5 July 1955, aged 47

Collapsed at his desk at police headquarters and died in hospital.

PC Brian Palmer

Died 3 May 1964, aged 24

Fatally injured while on motorcycle patrol when he was struck by a car.

PC Roger John Dunkerley

Died 22 June 1965, aged 24

Fatally injured when his motorcycle collided with a car during a pursuit.

PC Roy Herbert Thompson

Died 13 October 1965, aged 25

Fatally injured when on motorcycle patrol when in collision with a car.

Manchester and Salford Police

D/Sgt Brian Hill

Died 24 December 1970, aged 36

Fatally injured in a road accident while on Drug Squad enquiries.

Greater Manchester Police

PC Ian  Rodgers

Died 3 April 1975, aged 25

Fatally injured when hit by a train checking for children on the railway.

PC Norman Salisbury

Died 13 March 1976, aged 44

Collapsed and died during a police dog training exercise on the moors.

PC John Jefferson C. Cameron

Died 6 January 1977, aged 27

Killed in a road collision responding to an emergency call in a thick fog.

PC George Main

Died 24 February 1978, aged 35

Killed while observer in a patrol car involved a road traffic accident.

Sgt Lewis Entwistle

Died 22 December 1981, aged 42

Killed by a lorry while checking a car on the motorway hard shoulder.

PC John Egerton

Died 11 March 1982 aged 20

Stabbed to death trying to arrest a thief he caught in a yard at night.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

DC John Sandford

Died 2 May 1982, aged 45

Fatally bludgeoned investigating a complaint at Manchester Airport.

D/Sgt Thomas McCarthy

Died 21 October 1986, aged 38

Killed in a road accident during mobile surveillance training.

PC Nigel John Heap

Died 21 May 1989, aged 32

Fatally injured when kicked by a horse in the Force's stables.

Insp Raymond Anthony Codling

Died 14 September 1989, aged 49

Shot dead by a suspect he was questioning in the early hours.

DC Kevin James Dearnaley

Died 27 March 1996, aged 31

Killed in a collision with a car on a police motorcycle training course.

PC Robert Nathans

Died 27 February 1999, aged 49

Collapsed and died of heart failure soon after chasing a suspect on foot.

PC Peter Thomas Fox

Died 23 July 1999, aged 31

Killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling to report for duty.

PC Raja Bashrat Ahmed

Died 31 August 1999, aged 35

Fatally injured when a stolen car rammed his police motorcycle.

PC Alison Armitage

Died 5 March 2001, aged 29

Fatally injured attempting to stop a suspect driving off in a stolen car.

DC Stephen Robin Oake

Died 14 January 2003, aged 40

Fatally stabbed by a suspect while engaged in anti-terrorist operations.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal.

PC Allan Shaw

Died 19 July 2006, aged 33

Killed in a road traffic accident while taking part in VIP escort practice.

PCSO Christopher Donald Maclure

Died 10 September 2007, aged 21

Killed when he was in collision with a wagon while on bicycle patrol.

PC Christopher Hart

Died 12 January 2008, aged 40

Killed in a road traffic accident while responding to an emergency incident.

PC Ian James Terry

Died 9 June 2008, aged 32

Fatally wounded when accidentally shot in a firearms training exercise.

DC Andrew James Stokes

Died 3 January 2012, aged 46

Collapsed and died from heart failure while on duty.

PC Fiona Bone

Died 18 September 2012, aged 32

PC Nicola Hughes

Died 18 September 2012, aged 23

Fatally shot when ambushed whilst responding to an incident in Mottram.


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