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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Kent Police


and the former constituent forces of
Parish of Boughton, Dover Borough Police, Folkestone Borough Police,
Margate Borough Police, Maidstone Borough Police,
Ramsgate Borough Police, Rochester City Police,

Tunbridge Wells Borough Police
, Kent County Constabulary


 Parish of Boughton-under-Blean

Const Nicholas Mears

Died 31 May 1838, aged 36

Shot dead attempting to execute an arrest warrant on a political agitator.

SC George Catt

Died 31 May 1838, aged 30

Accidentally shot by the military while assisting to suppress a riotous mob.

Dover Borough Police

PC William Smeed

Died 16 July 1836

Fell into the harbour and drowned whilst patrolling his beat at night.

PC Samuel Couchman

Died 8 September 1844, aged 43

Attacked by a mob and bludgeoned while arresting a disorderly drunk.

Insp Alfred Nash

Died 11 September 1903, aged 56

Crushed by the lifeboat he was assisting to launch during a gale.

P/Fm William Leonard Griggs

Died 7 July 1926, aged 36

Killed by an explosion while fighting a fire on a motor launch in the Dock.

S/Sgt William Ernest Austen

Died 23 March 1942, aged 57

PWRC Percy William Sneller

Died 23 March 1942, aged 60

Killed with another officer by enemy action during an air raid at Dover.

PWRC Jesse Alfred Durman

Died 23 May 1942, aged 37

Collapsed and died of heart failure while on duty at the police station.

Killed in enemy air raids off duty or duty status unknown:-

PC William Charles Maycock

Died 24 August 1940, aged 31

S/Sgt William Thomas B. Horn

Died September 1941, aged 61

Folkestone Borough Police

PC Frederick William Nash

Died 30 December 1908, aged 44

Died from injuries received in a road accident while on patrol at night.

SC William H. Stokes

Died 25 May 1917, aged 46

Killed as a result of enemy action during an air raid at Folkestone.

PC Clifford Josty

Died 5 December 1940, aged 26

Fatally injured when thrown from his motorcycle while on patrol.

SC Charles John Austin Jones

Died 9 May 1941, aged 33

Killed by an exploding parachute mine during an enemy air raid while at home.

Margate Borough Police

PC John Richard Rolfe

Died 23 January 1905, aged 25

Overcome by fumes attempting to rescue a family trapped by a fire.

Maidstone Borough Police

PC William Albert Terry

Died 15 May 1932, aged 49

Died from a septic wound received while assisting at a post mortem.

Ramsgate Borough Police

PC Frederick Charles Ticehurst

Died 24 August 1940, aged 36

Killed by enemy action during an air raid while at home following night duty.

Rochester City Police

PC Richard James Jennings

Died 30 October 1896, aged 41

Suffered a stroke and died after several serious injuries received on duty.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Police

PC Arnold Herman Lewis

Died 21 October 1940, aged 31

Collapsed on the highway and died of heart failure while on duty.

Kent County Constabulary

PC Israel May

Died 24 August 1873, aged 37

Beaten with his own truncheon while attempting to arrest a drunken man.

PC John Harryman

Died 29 May 1907, aged 29 

Killed by a railway engine while guarding the line for the royal train.

PC John Truphet Saywell

Died 1 October 1910, aged 35

Died during an operation on an injury inflicted during a disturbance.

D/Sgt George Henry Apps

Died 7 June 1916, aged 34

Died of injuries received on duty in 1915 when knocked down by a car.

PC Charles William Walker

Died 21 July 1924, aged 51

Died of injuries received on duty when he was knocked down by a cyclist.

PC Edwin James Longhurst

Died 8 February 1928, aged 44

Fatally injured cycling on duty when knocked down by a bus in Canterbury.

PC Ernest F. Bradley

Died 18 August 1928, aged 27

Fatally injured on motorcycle patrol in a collision with another motorcycle.

PC Albert Cox

Died 20 December 1930, aged 40

Died of injuries sustained in January 1930 in a cycling accident on duty.

RPC Charles William Haines

Died 20 September 1940, aged 65

Fatally injured when struck by a car cycling back to his station in an air raid.

PC Thomas James Farrell

Died 1 November 1940, aged 38

Killed during an enemy air raid when bomb splinters pierced his helmet.

PWRC Herbert James Chittenden

Died 1 January 1942, aged 41

Killed when his police motorcycle  struck the kerb and overturned.

PC Stephen George James Huggins

Died 31 October 1942, aged 37

Fatally injured by a bullet from an enemy aircraft during an air raid.

PWRC Reginald Walter Dowling

Died 8 April 1943, aged 49

Died of injuries received in June 1942 during an air raid at Canterbury.

Killed in enemy air raids off duty or duty status unknown:-

S/Insp George Moore

Died 16 August 1940, aged 51

SC John Olive

Died 28 August 1940, aged 55

PWRC Henry Kettle

Died 7 September 1940, aged 30

PC Ronald Parker

Died 7 September 1940, aged 23

S/Sgt Reginald John Rogers

Died 19 September 1940, aged 40

SC Arthur Edward Potten 

Died 5 October 1940, aged 43

SC Ernest Albert Farrow

Died 30 October 1940, aged 51

SC Frederick Walter Heine

Died 15 October 1940, aged 40

SC Richard Daniel Jay Wills

Died 19 April 1941, aged 37

PC Cecil George Constable

Died 18 May 1942, aged 41

Pms Edward John Toomey

Died 11 August 1942, aged 16

SC William George Warner

Died 23 September 1942, aged 40

S/Sgt William Albert Bransby

Died 22 October 1942, aged 59

SC George Ernest Russell

Died 18 October 1943, aged 62

PC Sydney Russell

Died 1 February 1944, aged 37

SC Harry Thomas R. Pankhurst

Died 16 June 1944, aged 43

PWRC Frederick Chapman

Died 20 June 1944, aged 49

Sgt William George Braddick

Died 5 August 1944, aged 38

SC Frederick James Collard

Died 10 August 1944, aged 46

PWRC Albert Robert Gibling

Died 16 August 1944, aged 63

SC Robert Wheeler

Died 1 September 1944, aged 55

Sgt William George Dickinson

Died 15 September 1944, aged 49

SC Frederick Johnson

Died 23 February 1945, aged 53

PC Frank Skewis

Died 8 January 1949, aged 49

Killed when accidentally struck by a car while rounding up stray horses.

PC Alan George Baxter

Died 5 June 1951, aged 33

Fatally wounded when shot by a gunman being sought by police.

PC Hubert Stanley Pay

Died 4 November 1951, aged 25

Fatally injured travelling to work when his motorcycle hit a lorry.

T/Sgt Gerald Thomas P. Rooney

Died 14 March 1956, aged 24

Shot dead by terrorists, on duty with the British Police Unit in Cyprus.

PC Peter W. Child

Died 27 January 1964, aged 27

Killed on a driving course when the police car he was in crashed.

PC Robert Archibald Beattie

Died 5 July 1965, aged 41

PC Robert Alfred John Knight

Died 5 July 1965, aged 29

Killed when their patrol car was hit head on by a car on the motorway.

PC George Craig

Died 21 May 1967, aged 36

Killed on motorcycle patrol when he ran into an unlit lorry at night.

PC Phillip Alan Long

Died 28 June 1968, aged 22

Fatally injured in a road accident while on motorcycle patrol.

DC Roger Gardiner

Died 26 May 1972, aged 36

Killed while driving a police vehicle when he lost control and hit a tree.

PC Malcolm John Boakes

Died 21 October 1973, aged 31

PC John Francis Ryan

Died 21 October 1973, aged 33

Killed while travelling to duty when a load fell off a lorry onto their car.

D/Sgt Charles Edward Brisley

Died 20 April 1978, aged 47

Fatally injured when struck by a lorry trailer on duty in Folkestone harbour.

Sgt George Frederick Matthew

Died 16 June 1983, aged 42

Killed on motorcycle patrol when his machine collided with a lorry.

PC Duncan Watts Clift

Died 24 March 1991, aged 27

Run down and fatally injured trying to stop a stolen car while off duty.

PC Alexander Gordon Doe

Died 18 May 1993, aged 44

Killed on an advanced motorcycle course when his machine crashed.

PC Jonathan Bruce Odell

Died 19 December 2000, age 30

Run down and killed by a speeding vehicle he was attempting to stop.

Kent Police

PC Katie Louise Mitchell

Died 3 October 2007, age 39

Killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling to duty at Tonbridge.

PC Phillip Edward Pratt

Died 14 June 2009, aged 26

Killed when struck by a vehicle while protecting the scene of an accident.

D/Sgt Terence Thomas Easterby

Died 25 February 2011, aged 44

Died in a motorcycle collision while travelling to report for duty at Medway.

DC Adrian Grew

Died 9 December 2013, aged 32

Died when his car collided with a bus while travelling home from duty.


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