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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty ~ Lest we Forget


Parish of Holbeach

Const William Alcock

Died 14 July 1838, aged 68

Fatally injured when assaulted while attempting to quell a riotous mob.

Parish of Hemingby

Const Thomas Bett Gell

Died 15 October 1876, aged 53

Fatally bludgeoned assisting a woman being attacked by her son.

Boston Borough Police

Sgt Joseph Owen Jakes

Died 25 June 1934, aged 36

Fatally injured when knocked down while directing traffic late at night.

SC Arthur Sydney Showler

Died 8 February 1940, aged 37

Drowned when he fell into a dock at Boston while on foot patrol at night.

Lincoln City Police Fire Brigade

P/Fm Alfred Clay

Died 24 August 1911, aged 38

Killed when he was buried by a collapsing wall while fighting a fire.

Lincoln City Police

PC Charles William Brian

Died 18 May 1935, aged 49

Fatally injured when struck by a car while on bicycle patrol at night.

Lincolnshire Constabulary

PC Alexander McBrian

Died 1 November 1860

Shot and fatally wounded when he challenged a poacher at night.

PC William Reynolds Woolley

Died 26 August 1905, aged 37

Collapsed and died during a violent struggle to arrest a drunken man.

PC Robert Dodds

Died 6 June 1938, aged 39

Fatally injured on patrol when his motorcycle seized and threw him.

PC William Gordon Ward

Died 29 May 1941, aged 20

Killed on duty by detonation of an unexploded bomb after an air raid.

PWRC George Gouldby Wrighton

Died 27 January 1945, aged 42

Asphyxiated in a police box after a gas main fractured in an enemy air raid.

PC Allan Richard Holmes

Died 21 May 1958, aged 31

Fatally injured in a crash when a tyre burst on his police motorcycle.

PC Ian Robert G. Mavor

Died 14 June 1969, aged 23

Killed when his car crashed while undergoing a police driving course.

Lincolnshire Police

PC Terence James Moncaster

Died 7 January 1977, aged 29

Killed when his traffic patrol car was in collision with a lorry at Harpswell.

D/Sgt Keith Whitlam

Died 16 September 1981, aged 40

Killed while on duty with two other people when their cars collided.

PC Andrew Ian Archer

Died 8 June 1992, aged 31

Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident while on traffic patrol duty.

PC John Charles Palmer

Died 21 January 2002, aged 33

Fatally injured while on patrol when his car was in collision with a lorry.

PC Stacey Victoria Pyke
Died 15 January 2007, aged 20

Killed in a road accident whilst driving home after her first full night duty.

SC Scott Ashley Bennett
Died 3 November 2012, aged 24

Died in a collision with a lorry while travelling to a training course at HQ.


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