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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

 and the former constituent forces of

Parish of Pattishall, Northampton Borough Police,
Northamptonshire Constabulary
, Northampton and County Constabulary


Parish of Pattishall

Const George Linnel

Died 23 July 1788

Shot dead when despite threats he persisted to execute an arrest warrant.

Northampton Borough Police

D/Sgt James Kemp

Died 29 December 1868, aged 31

While off duty he was called to deal with an armed man and was fatally shot.

PC Dennis Richard Brown

Died 28 May 1962, aged 33

Killed on night bicycle patrol when struck by a car which failed to stop.

PC Arthur Wood

Died 22 January 1963, aged 42

Found dead in a police box having collapsed on top of an electric fire.

Northamptonshire Constabulary

Supt Lewis Poole

Died 18 October 1877, aged 40

PC Thomas Barrett

Died 19 October 1877

Sgt Isaac Wilson

Died 14 November 1877, aged 35

All fatally injured in a railway collision returning from Quarter Sessions.

PC David Davis

Died 25 August 1878, aged 27

Violently assaulted during an arrest and died as a result of his injuries.

PC Herbert John Lee

Died 28 March 1920

Fatally injured when hit by a train while on night patrol at Woodford Halse.

PC Reginald J. Mann

Died 6 October 1931, aged 31

Killed when he was accidentally hit by a lorry whilst checking vehicles.

Northampton and County Constabulary

PC Michael John Plaice

Died 28 August 1969, aged 30

Killed while checking a lorry on the motorway when hit by another lorry.

Northamptonshire Police

PC Roger Edward Flawn

Died 29 February 1976, aged 18

Killed when his car crashed while reporting for early turn duty.

Ch/Supt Hubert Henry Ward

Died 6 January 1977, aged 56

Killed in a road accident when his car left the road and overturned.

Sgt John Frederick William Beckett

Died 8 January 1985, aged 48

Died from injuries received in 1976 when assaulted during an arrest.

A/Sgt Simon Lilley

Died 5 November 1991, aged 30

Fatally injured attempting to stop a motorcycle for a traffic census.


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