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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty



Ipswich Borough Police

PC Thomas Henry Hines

Died 1 January 1903, aged 39

Died from injuries sustained in 1901 trying to stop a runaway horse. 

SC Robert Anderson

Died 22 June 1940, aged 37

Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.

PC Desmond John Fisher

Died 4 June 1957, aged 25

Fatally injured when struck by a car at the scene of a previous accident.

East Suffolk Constabulary

PC James McFadden

Died 30 July 1844, aged 27

Fatally shot attempting to arrest a gang stealing from a barn at night.

PC Ebenezer Tye

Died 25 November 1862, aged 24

Beaten and drowned in a brook attempting to arrest a thief at night.

Insp William Reeve

Died 21 September 1904, aged 36

Died from disease accelerated by injuries in the discharge of his duty.

PC Ernest William Walter Whiting

Died 10 October 1940, aged 34

Killed by the explosion of an unexploded bomb he was guarding.

PC Samuel Doylend

Died 27 October 1940, aged 55

SC Walter Bishop

Died 31 August 1941, aged 52

SC Frederick Kenvyn Hicks

Died 11 October 1941, aged 47

SC Frank Field

Died 15 May 1943, aged 50

Killed in enemy air raids off duty or duty status unknown.

PC George William Pretty

Died 24 March 1944, aged 39

Fatally injured in collision with a cyclist while on motorcycle patrol.

PC John Reginald McMahon

Died 18 April 1949, aged 26

Fatally injured in a motorcycle crash attending an emergency call.

PC Robert P. Allen

Died 13 August 1953, aged 31

Killed when his bicycle collided with trailer while going off duty.

West Suffolk Constabulary

PC Robert Betts

Died 18 March 1899, aged 25 

Found fatally injured on his beat at night in suspicious circumstances.

PC Henry May

Died 25 June 1913, aged 54

Collapsed and died of heart failure while he was on foot patrol at night.

Insp Ronald Arthur Pooley

Died 10 September 1943, aged 48

Killed when knocked down by a lorry outside the police station.

Suffolk Constabulary

PC Alan Leggatt

Died 5 February 1969, aged 42

Fatally injured when in collision with a horse while on motorcycle patrol.

PC Alexander Clive Negus

Died 27 December 1983, aged 21

Killed by a passing vehicle going to rescue a dog in a road accident.

PC Neville Ivor Stackwood

Died 9 May 1984, aged 27

Found dead alongside his crashed motorcycle while he was on patrol.

PC Robert John Marshall

Died 4 March 1985, aged 46

Fatally injured in a road accident while riding a motorcycle on patrol.

DC Michael John Last

Died 23 September 1987 aged 32

Killed with DC Glister of Norfolk in a road accident while on RCS duty.

Sgt John Masterson

Died 26 June 1992, aged 46

Collapsed and died on motorcycle escort duty during a royal visit.

PC Kevin John Clarke

Died 27 May 1993, aged 23

Killed in a road traffic accident while going off duty.

DC Clive Neville Barratt

Died 28 July 1999, aged 35

Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident whilst on surveillance duty at Lowestoft.

PC Peter Charles Evans

Died 24 February 2001, aged 33

Killed in an armed response vehicle, which crashed in the early hours.

PC Kevin Brian Biglin

Died 3 December 2004, aged 41

Died of heart failure after becoming unwell during officer safety training.

PC Cheryl Rosemarie Lloyd

Died 18 June 2005, aged 42

Killed when her patrol car crashed while attending an urgent call.


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