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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


Berkshire Constabulary

Supt Charles Coleman

Died 16 May 1866, aged 36

Killed when he was thrown from his horse and cart whilst on his rounds.

Insp Joseph Drewett

Died 11 December 1876, aged 38

PC Thomas Shorter

Died 11 December 1876, aged 24

Inspector Drewett was shot and both then bludgeoned
to death trying to arrest armed poachers at Hungerford.

PC Charles Prior

Died 20 July 1893, aged 44

Killed when struck by a train after guarding the line for the Royal train.

PC John Joseph Charlton

Died 4 April 1899, aged 36

Fatally beaten and kicked by two men ejected from a public house at Harwell.

PC William Dennis Johnson

Died 11 August 1939, aged 22

Fatally injured at a road check when he was struck by a vehicle at Maidenhead.

SC Leslie Horsfall

Died 24 November 1939, aged 51

Died after a road accident while cycling home from duty at Maidenhead.

A/Sgt Stanley Shuff

Died 30 November 1940, aged 39

Killed on war aid to Southampton when an enemy bomb struck a police post.

PWRC Owen Dewey England

Died 25 July 1941, aged 36

Killed escorting an abnormal load when his motorcycle was struck by a car.

PWRC  Frederick George Newman

Died 27 October 1942, aged 38

Killed in an enemy air raid at Faringdon, duty status unknown.

Insp Francis John East

Died 4 October 1944, aged 42

Killed when pushed off a vehicle by a suspect he was trying to arrest.

PC William John Payne

Died 7 July 1949, aged 37

Collapsed and died after chasing a burglar he had disturbed at night.

PC Douglas J. Knight

Died 14 September 1957, aged 42

Fatally injured when a car hit his bicycle outside Cumnor Police Station.

PC Thomas Anthony Hughes

Died 19 December 1961, aged 20

Fatally injured cycling back to the police office when struck by a van.

Buckinghamshire Constabulary

PC William Askew

Died 5 May 1868, aged 39

Died after an operation to his arm injured in the execution of his duty.

PC Thomas Proctor

Died 11 May 1884, aged 52

Found drowned in the early hours in a pond on his beat near Winslow.

PC John Cox

Died 26 July 1893, aged 30

Died from an infection sustained in the disposal of cattle killed by anthrax.

PC Enos Climer

Died 8 November 1913, aged 44

Fatally injured in a collision with a pedestrian while on bicycle patrol.

PC Albert Randolph Hooton

Died 16 August 1929, aged 41

Killed in a road accident cycling to a night point when hit by a coach.

PWRC Albert Love

Died 8 August 1942, aged 54

PWRC  Malcolm George Holmes Robertson

Died 8 August 1942, aged 54 

Killed by enemy action while on patrol together during an air raid at Slough.

DC Brian Moss

Died 25 March 1953, aged 26 

Fatally injured in a fall through a factory roof while searching for intruders.

PC James Wallace

Died 24 April 1953, aged 41

Killed in a motorcycle accident on his way home after a tour of duty.

A/Sgt Denis George Cole

Died 5 December 1956, aged 42

Killed when struck by a drunk driver while on bicycle patrol at night.

S/Sgt Charles William George Gigg

Died 15 February 1959, aged 53

Fatally injured when struck by a car while cycling home after duty.

Sgt George Phillip Bickerton

Died 15 January 1960, aged 43

Fatally injured when hit by a lorry at the scene of a motorway accident.

Reading Borough Police

DC John Herbert Hutchinson

Died 5 November 1904, aged 30

Drowned when he fell in a culvert at night after walking with a constable.

PC Rex Jupp

Died 10 February 1943, aged 24

Killed by enemy action while on patrol during an enemy air raid.

Oxford City Police

PC Joseph Hilary Gilkes

Died 4 February 1869, aged 22

Drowned in the River Isis escaping an angry mob after being assaulted.

PC Alfred Needle

Died 15 October 1931, aged 23

Fatally injured in a road accident by a motor car which failed to stop.

Oxfordshire Constabulary

PC Frank R. Taylor

Died 23 September 1956, aged 40

Killed in a road accident while on motorcycle patrol at Thame.

PC Douglas T. P. Jarvis

Died 15 January 1958, aged 27

Killed while on motorcycle patrol when he collided with a lorry at Thame.

PC Brian Bernard Darnell

Died 9 December 1964, aged 32

Fatally injured when hit by a vehicle while clearing cattle from the road.

Sgt Archibald P. Hollis

Died 2 December 1965, aged 42

Fatally injured when hit by a car while cycling home from police HQ.

Insp James Roy Bradley

Died 1 January 1967, aged 41

Fatally injured when run down by a suspect car at a road block in Banbury.

Thames Valley Police

DC Ian Coward QPM

Died 23 July 1971, aged 28

Fatally wounded when shot nine times attempting to arrest an armed suspect.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry.

PC William Byron

Died 14 October 1977, aged 22

Fatally injured in a collision with a lorry while on motorcycle patrol near Oxford.

PC David John Sumner

Died 3 September 1981, aged 38

Killed in an accidental collision with a lorry whilst on motorcycle patrol.

DC Derek Anthony Duncan

Died 19 October 1983, aged 27

Fatally injured in a road accident when his vehicle was hit by a car at Slough.

WPC Joanne Mary Cochran

Died 30 March 1984, aged 20

Fatally injured in a patrol car which crashed during a vehicle pursuit.

PC Laurence Michael Richardson

Died 19 June 1984, aged 36

Killed in a collision with alorry whilst on motorcycle patrol at Eynsham.

PC John Bispham

Died 9 January 1987, aged 41

Killed in a police vehicle accident whilst returning to the police station.

PC Roger Brereton

Died 19 August 1987, aged 41

Shot dead in his police car pursuing a berserk gunman at Hungerford.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

DC Stephen Dixon

Died 11 November 1988, aged 28

Killed in an unmarked vehicle which crashed while on routine duties.

PC Peter William Bryan Betts

Died 15 July 1993, aged 50

Killed in a collision with a lorry whilst instructing on a motorcycle course.

PC Martyn Francis Gerrard

Died 24 May 1995, aged 35

Killed in a road traffic accident on a motorcycle refresher training course.

PC Adrian Mark Baker

Died 10 April 2000, aged 34

Killed when a lorry ran into his police car while on a police driving course.

PC David Robert de Burgh-Thomas

Died 17 July 2001, aged 40

Killed in a motorcycle accident whilst on intelligence support team duties.

DC Robert Charles Keylock

Died 19 November 2003, aged 44

Killed in a road accident travelling home from CID duties late at night.

PC Anthony Martin Jinks

Died 14 March 2005, aged 50

Killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling to duty at High Wycombe.

DC Dee Marie Weatherley

Died 13 December 2008, aged 31

Killed in a road traffic collision while travelling to day duty at Aylesbury.

DC Joe Mabuto

Died 27 September 2016, aged 42

Taken ill, collapsed and died at his desk at Milton Keynes Police Station.

PC Gareth Browning

Died 1 April 2017, aged 36

Died of injuries received in 2013 when struck by a stolen car at Reading.

PC James Dixon

Died 5 December 2017, aged 39

Killed in a police motorcycle collision with a car during a training exercise.


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