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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty



Huddersfield Police

H/Con William Duke

Died 28 April 1840, aged 48

Stabbed to death while visiting a prisoner in the town lock-up.

Bradford City Police

PC Joseph Edward Kershaw

Died 27 September 1889, aged 23

Fatally injured when he tried to stop a runaway horse and coal wagon.

PC Albert Smith

Died 25 January 1907, aged 35

Died from illness a month after he was assaulted during an arrest.

A/Sgt Harold Reveley

Died 21 August 1916, aged 45

Killed while fighting fires during explosions at a munitions factory.

PC Arthur Joseph Webb

Died May 1923, aged 42

Died as a result of injuries received in 1920 when violently assaulted.

PC Sidney Randle Hayward

Died 2 February 1928, aged 47

Killed on duty when struck by a steam lorry while crossing a road.

S/Sgt William Samuel Beecham

Died December 1942, aged 66

Died as a result of injuries received in a fall while on duty in Bradford.

PC Robert Hutchinson

Died 11 may 1959, aged 27

Killed in a motorcycle accident riding to the police training centre.

D/Sgt Arthur Smith

Died 2 February 1962, aged 42

Fatally injured in a road traffic accident whilst on duty.

PC Denis Edmund Pope

Died 8 July 1969, aged 33

Collapsed and died after attending court following a tour of night duty.

Halifax Borough Police

Sgt Albert Downes

Died 23 December 1954, aged 54

Collapsed and died while attending a civil defence course at Police HQ.

Leeds City Police

PC John Stubbs

Died 19 November 1845

Fatally injured in a train crash while returning from duties at Birmingham.

PC George Studley

Died 16 October 1852

Found drowned after being missed from his beat in the early hours.

PC William Thompson

Died 25 June 1888, aged 39

Collapsed and died after a violent struggle to apprehend three men.

PC John Thomas Spence

Died 23 January 1895, aged 42

Died as a result of injuries received when assaulted making an arrest.

PC Charles Colbert

Died March 1903, aged 29

Collapsed and died while on foot patrol in the early hours.

PC John William Tennant

Died 2 August 1930, aged 33

Collapsed and died while on duty in the warrants department.

Supt William Pullan

Died 29 January 1898, aged 55

Killed in a fall from tramcar when returning from visiting stations.

PC Alfred Haddon Hudson

Died 4 January 1910, aged 28

Fatally injured when kicked in the back at a suffragette disturbance.

Sgt Robert Coulter

Died 19 February 1933, aged 52

Fatally injured while on duty when knocked off his bicycle by a car.

RPC Albert Edward Burgin

Died 17 September 1939, aged 60

Collapsed and died while on patrol duty in the early hours.

SC Stanley Maskell Hitchcock

Died 8 August 1942, aged 52

Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.

Sgt Richard Wesnedge

Died 8 October 1951, aged 38

Killed while returning from duty when his cycle was struck by a drunk driver.

Insp Charles L. Ravensdale

Died 13 September 1963, aged 50

Collapsed while on duty and died in hospital.

PC Richard Tweedie

Died 11 June 1965, aged 19

Fatally injured when his police motorcycle and a van collided.

PC Reginald Keith Pickles

Died 16 November 1965, aged 23

Fatally injured when crushed against a wall by a reversing lorry.

PC Gerald Kennedy Bumby

Died 12 March 1966, aged 25

Killed in an accidental collision with a lorry while on motorcycle patrol.

D/Sgt Clive Edward Taylor

Died 9 February 1969, aged 37

Fatally injured on Regional Crime Squad duties when his car crashed.

Leeds Police Fire Brigade

Supt William James

Died 12 October 1857, aged 56

Suffered a stroke while fighting a fire in a mill and died the next day.

PC Samuel Otter

Died 3 August 1879, aged 27 

Fatally injured when thrown from his horse while on mounted patrol.

P/Fm Robert William Horney

Died 8 February 1896, aged 28

Fatally injured during a training exercise prior to a course of drill.

P/Fm Joseph Ellis

Died 30 May 1897, aged 31

Died of burns sustained while fighting a fire at a chemist's shop.

P/Fm Herbert Storey

Died 24 February 1909, aged 32

Fatally injured during a fire drill when he fell 50 feet from a ladder.

P/Fm Patrick Dunleavy

Died 4 January 1922, aged 37

Killed fighting a fire in a warehouse when a floor collapsed burying him.

P/Fm Isaac Percival

Died 18 January 1924, aged 31

Fatally injured when his fire engine crashed while attending a fire call.

P/Fm Alfred Edward Waterhouse

Died 31 December 1930, aged 27

Killed when buried by the collapse of a wall while fighting a mill fire.

West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary

PC William Peet

Died 9 December 1877, aged 24

Fatally bludgeoned and beaten dealing with a street disturbance.

PC William Batley

Died 25 December 1877, aged 30

Struck by a train while escorting an unruly prisoner to the lock-up.

Supt Thomas Birkill

Died 24 November 1887, aged 56

Shot dead forcing entry to a house where an armed killer was besieged

Sgt Henry Norwood

Died 5 November 1888, aged 27

Drowned when his boat capsized recovering stolen goods in a river.

Sgt Joseph Parker C. Winpenny

Died 4 December 1895, aged 50

Fatally injured arresting a drunken woman when attacked by a mob.

Sgt William Holyland

Died  September 1925, aged 39

Fatally injured when run down by a car while on bicycle patrol at night.

Sgt Albert Andrews

Died February 1928, aged 43

Fatally injured warning a driver of a loose wheel when it struck him.

PC William Sidgwick Slack

Died September 1933, aged 26

Fatally injured in a road accident while driving a police patrol car.

PC Joseph V. Plant

Died 1 January 1944, aged 51

Died as a result of an injury to his heart during a severe drill in 1943.

PC Thomas M. Akrill

Died 19 January 1945, aged 48

Collapsed and died of heart failure while on patrol on a stormy night.

Sgt Naylor Whitaker

Died 15 August 1949, aged 61

Died as a result of injuries received in an assault in 1940.

DI Duncan Alexander Fraser

Died 15 July 1951, aged 46

PC Arthur Gordon Jagger

Died 16 July 1951, aged 42 

Shot and fatally wounded trying to arrest a suspected burglar.

Sgt Ben Whiteley

Died 14 July 1954, aged 46

Collapsed and died following the Royal Review of police in Hyde Park.

PC Charles John Skevington

Died 19 July 1955, aged 41

Killed while observer in a patrol car, which crashed during a pursuit.

T/D/Sgt William Edward Critchley

Died 8 June 1957, aged 28

Accidentally shot himself while serving with the British Police Unit in Cyprus.

Insp William McKim

Died 3 February 1959, aged 57

Killed in a road accident after a visit to the Mounted Branch stables.

PC John Rowe

Died 29 January 1964, aged 28

Killed in a road traffic collision while driving a prisoner and escort.

DC Gerald Edward Donnelly

Died 8 May 1966, aged 34

Killed when his car crashed while returning home from duty.

Ch/Insp Sidney Griffiths

Died 1 November 1967, aged 47

Fatally injured when hit by a lorry while standing by his police car.

West Yorkshire Constabulary

Insp Barry John Taylor

Died 15 February 1970, aged 30 

Shot dead when he confronted a suspect armed with a shotgun.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

DC John Michael Brook

Died 28 May 1970, aged 30

Killed in a road accident when his Regional Crime Squad car crashed.

West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police

PC John Dawson

Died 14 August 1976, aged 32

Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident whilst on traffic patrol.

PC David Bulleyment

Died 15 May 1978, aged 31

WPS Elizabeth Burton

Died 15 May 1978, aged 40

PC Eric Charles Renshaw

Died 15 May 1978, aged 45

PC Colin Ross

Died 15 May 1978, aged 33

WPC Lillian Sullivan

Died 15 May 1978, aged 41

Killed in a coach crash travelling to the Police Federation Conference.

Sgt Michael Hawcroft

Died 12 March 1981, aged 31

Stabbed to death by a suspect he chased and was trying to arrest.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

West Yorkshire Police  

Sgt Alfred Patrick Looby

Died 16 August 1984, aged 54

Took ill on his last day of duty, went home and died of heart failure.

Sgt John Richard Speed

Died 31 October 1984, aged 39 

Shot dead as he confronted a man who had just shot a colleague.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.

PC David Andrew Sykes

Died 28 July 1986, aged 32

Killed when his patrol car was hit by a lorry on the M62 hard shoulder.

Insp David Leitch

Died 5 February 1990, aged 41

Collapsed and died in a smoke chamber on a fire brigade course.

Sgt Terence Irving

Died December 1991, aged 46

Killed when his police car was in collision with another vehicle.

PC Andrew Winterburn

Died 3 September 2003, aged 43

Killed in a fall from his machine while on motorcycle traffic patrol.

PC Ian Nigel Broadhurst

Died 26 December 2003, aged 34

Shot dead at Leeds trying to arrest a suspect who suddenly produced a gun.

PC Sharon Beshenivsky

Died 18 November 2005, aged 38

Shot dead when confronted by three men on arrival at the scene of a robbery.

PC Conal Daood Hills

Died 19 November 2006, aged 36

Fatally injured when his patrol car crashed while pursuing a suspect car.

PC Ian David Walker

Died 10 October 2007, aged 50

Killed in a motorcycle accident while reporting for early duty at Bradford.

D/Sgt David Alan Heptinstall

Died 30 June 2008, aged 41

While travelling to report for duty he collapsed and died of heart failure.

PC Perviz Ahmed

Died 31 July 2011, aged 37

Fatally injured in a motorcycle collision while travelling home from duty.

PC Mark Goodlad

Died 24 October 2011, aged 41

Fatally injured when struck by an HGV while assisting a motorist on the M1.

PC Anthony Peter Sweeney QPM

Died 27 December 2012, aged 58

Collapsed and died while returning home after becoming unwell on duty.


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