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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

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Peace Preservation Force, Connaught Constabulary, Leinster Constabulary, Munster Constabulary, Ulster ConstabularyIrish Revenue Police.


Peace Preservation Force

Sub-Const Thomas Manning

Died 16 August 1821

Shot dead when his patrol challenged a gang of insurgents.

Chief Police Magistrate Richard Going

Died 14 October 1821, aged 52

Shot dead when ambushed by a gang of four men while riding.

Sub-Const Hugh Colligan

Died 31 January 1822

Killed, with others, when a mob attacked a police barracks.

Sub-Const Thomas Knox

Died 10 March 1822

Killed while on sick leave when identified as police and attacked.

Connaught Constabulary

Sub-Const Andrew Kerr

Died 21 April 1828

Shot through the heart whilst executing two felony warrants.

Sub-Const John Campbell

Died 16 May 1831

Killed conveying letters from a Magistrate to a Sub-Inspector.

Leinster Constabulary

Const James Douler

Died 25 October 1825

Died of head wounds received while quelling a riot in April.

Sub-Const John Gafney
Died 1825

Fatally wounded by a blow to the head while suppressing a riot.

Sub-Const Joseph Wheeler

Died 1826

Killed during an affray in Co. Meath.

Const John Mathews

Died March 1828

Killed while quelling a riot in a public house at Walderstown.

Sub-Const Thomas Masterson

Died 1828

Waylaid and murdered by persons unknown while on duty.

Chief Const James Gibbons

Sub-Const Edward Boyle

Sub-Const William Budds

Sub-Const Charles Carroll

Sub-Const James Dixon

Sub-Const Thomas Egan

Sub-Const Robert Fitzgerald

Sub-Const John Fitzpatrick

Sub-Const William Grace

Sub-Const John McGlennan

Sub-Const John Prescott

Sub-Const Joseph Whitteker

Sub-Const John Wright

Died 14 December 1831

All killed when attacked by a large anti-tithes mob at Carrickshock.

Const Michael Wright

Died 22 November 1832

Shot dead in an attack on new farm tenants he was protecting.

Sub-Const Bartholemew Gannon

Died 2 January 1833

Killed when he was ambushed while returning to his station.

Sub-Const Daniel Tighe

Died 21 February 1833

Shot dead trying to execute a warrant for the arrest of insurgents.

Sub-Const John Malone

Died 1 April 1833

Shot dead by a highway robber he was endeavouring to arrest.

Sub-Const J. Gordon

Died 28 May 1833

Killed attempting to execute an arrest warrant for murder.

Munster Constabulary

Sub-Const Francis McGuinness

Died 11 November 1822

Shot dead executing a warrant on a man wanted for assault.

Sub-Const John Cowen

Died 2 July 1823

Killed when stoned by an anti-tithes mob while protecting proctors.

Sub-Const John Young

Died 3 December 1823

Drowned when crossing a flooded river while returning from court.

Sub-Const John Orpin

Died 7 December 1823

Stabbed to death with his bayonet when attacked by insurgents.

Sub-Const Andrew Joyce

Sub-Const James Netterville

Const Alexander Shaw

Sub-Const Daniel Gallagher

Sub-Const Thomas Duffy

Died 4 April 1831

Shot and beaten to death by a large mob after arresting insurgents.

Const John O'Donnell

Died 4 April 1834

Bludgeoned and beaten to death by a gang rescuing a prisoner.

Sub-Const James Feeley

Died 20 August 1834

Struck with a stone and fatally injured by a mob freeing a prisoner.

Ulster Constabulary

Sub-Const Thomas McKinley

Died 2 August 1826

Killed in defending police barracks from an attack of a riotous mob.

Chief Const James Wolfe McNeill

Died January 1827

Fatally wounded in June 1826 while on election duty in Co. Monaghan.

Sub-Const Patrick Cleary

Died 8 November 1828

Killed on duty in an affray in Co. Down.

Sub-Const William West

Died 31 August 1829

Killed whilst attempting to execute a warrant for assault in Co. Antrim.

Sub-Const Thompson Morrison

Died 18 January 1830

Shot dead by an unknown gunman while taking names of rioters.

Sub-Const Robert Wiggins

8 October 1832

Killed when police confronted an armed party during the night.

Sub-Const Richard Dawson

Died 27 November 1832

Killed when a mob attacked police during Tithe riots in Co. Monaghan.

Irish Revenue Police

Const Stewart

Died 22 April 1836

Fatally beaten by a mob attacking his patrol after seizing contraband.


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