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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

and the former constituent forces of

London & Birmingham Railway Police, Bute Docks Police,

South Wales Railway Police, Great Eastern Railway Police,

Great Northern Railway Police, Great Western Railway Police,

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Police, Lancaster & Carlisle Railway Police

London & North Eastern Railway Police, London & North Western Railway Police, London & South Western Railway Police, London Midland & Scottish Railway Police, Midland Railway Police, North Eastern Railway Police, Regent's Canal Dock Police, Grand Union Canal Police, South Western Railway Police,

Southern Railway Police, British Transport Commission Police.


London & Birmingham Railway Police

PC Charles Jones

Died 18 January 1840, aged 47

Struck and killed by a train on night patrol duty near Watford Tunnel.

Bute Docks Police

PC John Scudamore

Died 4 November 1858, aged 55

Drowned while on night duty when he fell into an unprotected dock.

South Wales Railway Police

PC Aaron Loxton

Died 22 February 1859, aged 35

Struck by a train returning home from duty at Cardiff Railway Station.

Great Eastern Railway Police

PC Charles Matthew Burke

Died 7 October 1900, aged 42

Found dead in a police box at West Ham having collapsed on night duty.

PC Albert Diss

Died 22 December 1912, aged 60

Fatally injured when struck by a train whilst patrolling at West Ham.

Great Northern Railway Police

PC William Yellop

Died 7 September 1901, aged 26

Fatally injured on the railway line on his beat when struck by a train.

Great Western Railway Police

PC John Dickson

Died 12 January 1842, aged 48

Fatally injured when knocked down by an engine while signalling trains.

PC Arthur John Taylor

Died 17 April 1941, aged 28

Killed as a result of enemy action on duty during an air raid.

PC John Cockwill

Died 12 August 1942, aged 61

Died of injury received in April 1941 on duty during an enemy air raid.

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Police

PC George Holland

Died 25 April 1882, aged 43

Killed when run over by a train while on night duty in the goods yard at Preston.

PC Alfred Marsh

Died 12 January 1898, aged 28

Died from injuries received on a ship during dockyard disturbances.

Lancaster & Carlisle Railway Police

PC Richard Thompson

Died 4 September 1858, aged 29

Killed when he fell into a moving train from the railway platform at Galgate.

London & North Eastern Railway Police

PC Thomas William Sedman

Died 12 September 1923, aged 64

Accidentally knocked down by train while on night patrol near Selby.

PC William Francis Furby

Died 15 November 1924, aged 41

Knocked down by a lorry on his way to duty at King's Cross Station.

PC George Dodds Whinn

Died 28 January 1932, aged 54

Fatally injured when he accidentally fell under a train he was meeting.

PC David Tanner Murdoch

Died 14 December 1938, aged 45

PC Allan Proudfoot

Died 14 December 1938, aged 47

Hit by a train while on patrol on the railway line at night near Glasgow.

PC William Race

Died 22 July 1940, aged 52

Killed when he was hit by a train while patrolling with his police dog.

PC Leonard Percy Bell

Died 1 August 1940, aged 45

Killed on duty sheltering under a wagon during an enemy air raid.

PC George Edward Barker

Died 8 May 1941, aged 65

Killed by enemy action while on patrol during an enemy air raid.

PC John Francis Woods

Died 8 May 1941, aged 52 

Killed by enemy action while on patrol during an enemy air raid.

PC Robert William Smith

Died 29 April 1942, aged 64 

Killed by enemy action in an air raid at the LNER Police Office at York.

PC John Tong

Died 24 June 1943, aged 60

Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.

London & North Western Railway Police

D/Sgt Robert Kidd

Died 29 September 1895, aged 37

Stabbed to death attempting to arrest a gang of railway thieves.

DC Thomas Hibbs

Died 10 August 1901, aged 23

Bludgeoned and drowned in the canal attempting to arrest thieves.

London & South Western Railway Police

PC John Stamp

Died 14 July 1911, aged 53

Collapsed and died while on duty at Sandowne Park Racecourse.

London Midland & Scottish Railway Police

DC Charles William Bailey

Died 21 February 1924, aged 32

Killed checking the goods sidings when crushed between two wagons.

PC Peter MacRae

Died 15 November 1935, aged 26

Accidentally killed by a train while keeping observations for thieves.

PC John Edwin Pike

Died 7 January 1938, aged 40

Fatally injured when hit by a train while keeping observations at night.

DC Eric Charles Sargent

Died 13 October 1940, aged 32

Sgt Edwin Thompson

Died 19 November 1940, aged 64

Killed off duty in enemy air raids.

PC Harry James Smith

Died 15 January 1941, aged 25

Killed by enemy action while on duty during an air raid at Derby.

Midland Railway Police

PC William Goatman

Died 18 February 1860, aged 30

Fatally injured when struck by wagons during shunting operations.

PC Ernest Moore

Died 4 December 1906, aged 32

Struck by a train and killed whilst on patrol in stormy weather.

PC William Ruston

Died 4 May 1912, aged 21

Crushed between carriages while assisting to pull a man off the train.

PC Frederick William Loom

Died 19 January 1913, aged 63

Fatally injured when he slipped and fell down some steps on patrol.

North Eastern Railway Police

PC George William Leefe

Died 26 March 1907, aged 23

Stabbed in the face by an umbrella thrown at him and died of disease.

PC Harold Foster

Died 24 December 1907, aged 28

Fell into the dock and drowned while on patrol in a dense fog.  

Sgt Henry Bainbridge

Died 20 May 1908, aged 34 

Run down and killed by a train crossing the line while on duty.  

SC John Arthur Lingard

Died 22 September 1914, aged 29

Killed when struck by a train while on patrol on the railway at Hull.  

Regent's Canal Dock Police

PC John Thomas Stebbings

Died 21 October 1899, aged 25

Drowned when he tripped over a wire rope and fell into the docks in a fog.

PC Leonard Harold Wetherall

Died 30 November 1927, aged 30

Fatally injured while on patrol when he accidentally fell from a wharf.

Grand Union Canal Police

PC William Herbert Coates

Died 24 December 1941, aged 52

Drowned when he fell into Regent's Dock on patrol in the early hours.

South Western Railway Police

PC Charles Ballard

Died 30 March 1900, aged 38 

Fatally injured when struck by a train going off duty across the track.

Southern Railway Police

PC Alfred Haynes

Died 19 August 1934, aged 40 

Killed when struck by a train whilst holding back crowds from the line.

British Transport Commission Police

Ch/Insp James Daniel McClafferty

Died 1 October 1954, aged 57

Collapsed and died after chasing a suspected thief in Edinburgh.  

PC Walter Marshall McMillan

Died 25 January 1960, aged 30

Fatally injured in a fall 20' off a wall chasing a suspect in Edinburgh.

British Transport Police

PC Keith Winter

Died 23 November 1970, aged 22

Fatally injured in an explosion when dealing with a gas tanker accident.

Sgt Raymond George Robinson

Died 29 August 1975, aged 55

Collapsed and died of heart failure while restraining a violent detainee.

Insp Robert Pryce Oliver

Died 17 February 1987, aged 58

Collapsed and died of heart failure while on mobile patrol in Stranraer.

PC Vassili Bogomoletz

Died 6 December 2005, aged 43

Collapsed and died during a fitness test while on a training course.


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