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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


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Arthur Robert James Seymour


Royal Ulster Constabulary

Died 2 March 1995, aged 55


On 4 May 1973 the officer was on guard duty at Coalisland police station, Co. Tyrone; he opened the gates to admit a mobile patrol when a republican sniper fired several shots and he was hit in the head. He lay in hospital, completely paralysed and unable to communicate until he died 22 years later.

His name is recorded on the Roll of Honour at the National Police Memorial in London.


Phillip John Walters

Police Constable

Metropolitan Police

Died 18 April 1995, aged 28


The officer attended a disturbance at a house in Ilford, where he was confronted by three men; during a violent struggle to arrest one of them, he had managed to apply one handcuff, when he was shot in the chest and fatally wounded.

His name is recorded on the Roll of Honour at New Scotland Yard
and on the Roll of Honour at the National Police Memorial in London.
memorial stone was erected at the scene by the Police Memorial Trust.


Alan George Thompson


Royal Ulster Constabulary

Died 4 May 1995, aged 26


During the early hours the officer was driving a police patrol car in Omagh, Co. Tyrone, when his vehicle was in collision with a lorry and he was fatally injured.


Sandra Jane Edwards

Woman Police Constable

South Yorkshire Police

Died 10 May 1995, aged 28


Died from injuries received in the early hours of 8 May, when her traffic patrol car left the road and hit a wall, during the high speed pursuit of a suspected stolen car at Cudworth near Barnsley.


Martyn Francis Gerrard

Police Constable

Thames Valley Police

Died 24 May 1995, aged 35


Killed in a road accident, while on a motorcycle refresher training course, when his machine was in collision with an agricultural vehicle near Buckingham.


Melanie Igoe

Police Constable

Strathclyde Police

Died 30 May 1995, aged 28


Killed in a road accident, while undergoing instruction on a standard traffic motorcycle training course, when she lost control of her machine on a bend and crashed near Larges.


Roger John Franklin

Police Constable

Surrey Police

Died 6 August 1995, aged 37


Killed on motorcycle patrol, while attending an emergency incident; a car had pulled in to let him pass when another vehicle pulled out causing him to hit the central reservation on the A3 at Wisley, receiving fatal injuries.


Mark Gordon Davey

Police Constable

Grampian Police

Died 29 August 1995, aged 28


Died from injuries received on 28 August when the traffic patrol car, in which he was the observer, returning from Forres to Elgin, went out of control, left the road and crashed into trees near Elgin.


Mark Leonard Davis

Police Constable

Metropolitan Police

Died 2 October 1995, aged 33


Died of head injuries sustained 26 September in a motorcycle accident whilst returning home from late turn duty with the Diplomatic Protection Group.


Robert Charles Pearman

Police Sergeant

Bedfordshire Police

Died 11 December 1995, aged 42


Collapsed and died of an aneurysm whilst dealing with the scene of a road traffic accident at Luton.


George Pickburn Hammond QPM

Police Constable

Metropolitan Police

Died 13 December 1995, aged 58


Stabbed in the stomach in a near fatal attack, when attempting to arrest an armed robber in Dulwich on 23 January 1985; he subsequently died ten years later of heart disease, from complications which followed the severe wounds he sustained.

Awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Distinguished Service in 1987

He was awarded the Commissioner's High Commendation for Bravery.
His name is recorded on the Roll of Honour at the National Police Memorial in London. 


Robert John Dallow

Police Constable

West Midlands Police

Died 17 December 1995, aged 41


While pursuing a stolen car in the early hours at Oldbury, the police patrol car in which he was the observer, collided with another vehicle when crossing traffic lights and he was killed along with the other car driver.


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