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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


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Peter Durack


Metropolitan Police

Died 12 February 1996, aged 43

Collapsed on duty at Wembley police station on 8 February and died in hospital of heart failure.

Michael Paul Wallace

Police Sergeant

Metropolitan Police

Died 7 March 1996, aged 53

Collapsed and died of heart failure teaching at Hendon recruit training centre.

Philippa Jane Parish

Woman Police Constable

Hampshire Constabulary

Died 13 March 1996, aged 29

Fatally injured, while the observer in a police area car responding to an alarm call in the early hours of the morning, when the driver lost control of the vehicle avoiding an object in the road and collided with a brick wall at Winchester.

Stephen Robert Williams

Police Constable

Metropolitan Police

Died 16 March 1996, aged 42

Whilst attached to the Diplomatic Protection Group, he was making security visits in North London, and was riding his police motorcycle on the A41 Edgware Way, when he lost control of his machine on a bend and collided with a lamppost sustaining fatal injuries.

Kevin James Dearnaley

Detective Constable

Greater Manchester Police

Died 27 March 1996, aged 31

While taking part in a police motorcycle training course, he was overtaking a wagon on the A533 at Bostock, Cheshire, when he collided with an oncoming car and was thrown in front of the wagon and fatally injured.

Anthony Randolph Ashmore

Police Constable

South Wales Police

Died 31 March 1996, aged 38

Fatally injured in a road accident, while responding to an emergency call at Cardiff, when his police motorcycle struck a pedestrian who stepped into the road and was also killed.

Samuel Donaldson McClughin

Police Constable

Northumbria Police

Died 22 April 1996, aged 52

Collapsed and died of heart failure while driving to work in his car.

Vanessa Rosemary Carroll


West Midlands Police

Died 28 April 1996, aged 35

Fatally injured in a road traffic accident when she was forced to swerve to avoid an oncoming car and was thrown from her vehicle, while serving with the British Police Contingent in Bosnia.

Stephen Wilson

Police Constable

Dorset Police

Died 16 May 1996, aged 37

Died as a result of severe leg injuries sustained in a road traffic accident on 4th May, when his moped was in collision with a car which turned across his path, while travelling to report for night duty at Christchurch.

Philip Henry Singleton

Police Sergeant

Wiltshire Constabulary

Died 16 May 1996, aged 40

Collapsed and died of heart failure while in his office at Warminster police station.

James Robert Eskdale Hughes

Police Constable

Strathclyde Police

Died 9 June 1996, aged 25

Killed in a road traffic accident while driving home from night duty.

Rodney John Leake

Police Constable

Essex Police

Died 20 June 1996, aged 49

A Traffic Division officer, he was on routine motorcycle patrol when he was in collision with a lorry near Ulting and sustained fatal injuries.

Colin Sheppard

Police Sergeant

Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Died 16 September 1996, aged 54

Whilst on traffic patrol duties on 12 July 1979 he lost control of his motorcycle on a bend and struck an oncoming car; he received multiple injuries including a fractured spine, as a result of which he was paralysed, which ultimately led to his death 17 years later.


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