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Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Police Roll of Honour

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National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance

In Memory of British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty

Book of Remembrance


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SUMMARY of the CRITERIA for inclusion on the


In memory of British police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty as a result of criminal acts, misadventure or accident, enemy action, natural causes and unknown causes.


Of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the British Islands.



Any sworn constable or member of a police force or police authority or other peace officer engaged in a law enforcement role.



A. Roll of Honour - officers killed, or who died of injuries received, in consequence of the execution of their duties; and

B. In Remembrance - those who have otherwise died on or in connection with their duties.



Police officers serving in the current and former police forces of the United Kingdom and the British Islands; and British Citizens serving overseas as police officers in the former Colonial Police Services and other overseas territories, whilst administered by the UK.



Killed, or died as a result of injuries received,  including duty related illness, which caused or substantially contributed to the death.



In connection with Police Duty:

i.e. whilst on duty, in the execution of duty or as a result of duty, operational or non-operational.

Police Duty - The protection of life and property, preservation of public order, and prevention and detection of criminal offences.

  • On duty - during a tour of duty comprising all normal lawful actions carried out on operational or non-operational duty.
  • In the Execution of Duty - As a direct result of their performance of operational duties, or their status as a police officer.
  • As a Result of Duty - Death occurring some time after the event from the effects of an injury or illness sustained on duty.
  • Otherwise in Connection with Duty Deaths on or in connection with duty occurring otherwise than in the execution of duty.
  • Operational Duty - actual performance of a law enforcement role, including patrol duty and training for operational duty.
  • Non-Operational Duty - other duties such as administration, clerical or similar duties and travelling to or from duty.

CLASSIFICATION - To assist in analysis of fatalities and drawing up of specific Rolls, Causes of Death may be Classified as follows:-


A. ROLL OF HONOUR - Police officers killed, or died as a result of injuries received, in consequence of the execution of duty. - The Roll of Honour pays special tribute to those killed in the course of operational duties or due to their status as police officers e.g. through terrorist attacks. 


1. CRIMINAL ACTS: Injury attributable to criminal acts of violence:-

a) Unlawful Killing - Homicide offences i.e. murder/manslaughter/culpable homicide.

b) Political Violence - Homicide offences resulting from insurrection or terrorist activity.

c) Act of Violence - Homicide not amounting at the time to unlawful killing.

d) Dangerous Driving - When struck by a vehicle which deliberately fails to stop for police.


2. MISADVENTURE:  Accidental injury attributable to intended acts in performance of operational duty:-

a) Dangerous Duty: In the performance of hazardous duty or acts of gallantry where there is a known special risk of danger.

b) Operational Duty: In the performance of other operational duties of a hazardous nature.


3. ACCIDENT - Accidental injury attributable to unforeseen and unintended acts or circumstances in the course of operational duty.


4. ENEMY ACTION: Injury in consequence of Wartime enemy air raids and attacks while on duty.


5. NATURAL CAUSES - Duty Related: Collapse, illness or disease attributable to performance of operational duty.


6. UNKNOWN CAUSES: Death known to have occurred on operational duty but the exact cause or circumstances are unknown.

B. IN REMEMBRANCE - Police officers who have otherwise died, on or in connection with duty, or whilst serving overseas. - Through Remembrance we also commemorate those officers who have otherwise died on or in connection with their duty in other ways.

7. ACCIDENT - Not Operational: Accidental injury sustained on non-operational duty.

8. TRAVELLING: Accidental injury sustained while travelling to and from duty.


9. ENEMY ACTION - Off Duty: Injury in consequence of enemy air raids or attacks while off duty or duty status unknown.


10. NATURAL CAUSES - Sudden Death: Collapse, illness, death on duty of natural causes where there is no known contributory cause.


11. UNKNOWN CAUSES - Not Operational: Cause, circumstances or duty status are unknown.


12. ON SECONDMENT OR SERVICE OVERSEAS: Cause of death not falling within other criteria.


(Click here to view the full Criteria and Explanatory Notes with examples)

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