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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


Lancashire Constabulary

and the former constituent Forces of
Accrington Borough Police
, Blackburn Borough Police and Fire Brigade,  Blackpool Borough Police and Fire Brigade, Burnley Borough Police and
Fire Brigade
, Lancaster City Police, Preston Borough Police, Town of Colne and Lancashire Constabulary


Accrington Borough Police

PC John Brown

Died 17 August 1884, aged 26

Run down and killed stopping a horse drawn omnibus being driven furiously.

Blackburn Borough Police and Fire Brigade

P/Fm William Henry Clayton

Died 19 February 1885, aged 25

P/Fm James Dawson

Died 19 February 1885, aged 33

Fatally injured by the collapse of a wall while fighting a fire at a cotton mill.

P/Fm Richard Cookson

Died 13 October 1894, aged 32

Fatally injured by a fall out of a canvas fire escape chute he was demonstrating.

PC John Thompson

Died 2 September 1897, aged 48

Collapsed in the street and died from heart failure whilst on foot patrol.

PWRC Charles Hoole

Died 15 January 1941, aged 45

Collapsed and died after reporting for night duty at the Police Box, Brownhill.

PWRC John Towers

Died 27 December 1943, aged 39

Died of injuries received 22 December when assaulted by a man he warned on patrol.

D/Insp James O'Donnell QPM MM & Bar

Died 13 December 1958, aged 47

Fatally shot negotiating with a gunman knowing he had already shot two others.

Posthumously awarded the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry.

PC James Thomas Brindle

Died 13 September 1959, aged 33

Died of burns four days after a fire while working on a car at the Police Garage.

Blackpool Borough Police and Fire Brigade

Sgt Hartley Wilkinson

Died 16 April 1924, aged 45

Died from effects of exposure sustained attempting a sea rescue in August 1923.

P/Fm William Matthews

Died 23 February 1932, aged 44

Died of illness attributable to his duties as both an ambulanceman and fireman.

Burnley Borough Police and Fire Brigade

P/Fm George Henry Lockwood

Died 3 April 1893, aged 28

Fatally injured by the collapse of a wall while fighting a fire at a cotton mill.

P/Fm George O'Donoghue

Died 25 January 1897, aged 38

Died of injuries two days after a horse tender crashed returning from a fire.

P/Fm George Robert Nuttall

Died 20 October 1897, aged 36

Killed when buried by the collapse of a roof while fighting a fire in a cotton mill.

PC Leslie Shaw

Died 19 July 1948, aged 27

Struck by a car which failed to stop on the night of 15 July and died of injuries.

Lancaster City Police

Sgt Thomas Hodgson

Died 11 November 1939, aged 47

Died suddenly following a fall from his bicycle while on patrol during the night.

Preston Borough Police

PC John Parker

Died 29 August 1869, aged 36

Died from hydrophobia nine months after being bitten trying to capture a rabid dog.

Sgt Francis Wallbank

Died 27 December 1921, aged 45

After stopping a vehicle at night he was hit by a passing car and died in hospital.

PC John Thomas Edgeley

Died 16 January 1931, aged 38

Died from injuries received the day before in a collision with a lorry while cycling.

PWRC Fred White

Died 1 October 1942, aged 48

Died of illness contributed to by falling in Preston Dock on duty in November 1940.

Town of Colne, Lancashire

SC Joseph Halstead

Died 10 August 1840, aged 43

Bludgeoned to death with an iron rail during rioting against the new police.

Lancashire Constabulary

PC Matthew Sharp

Died 9 December 1858, aged 32

Drowned in a fall into a canal while on patrol on a very dark night at St Helens.

PC Robert Highton

Died 10 June 1859, aged 48

Collapsed and died after suffering a stroke while at Middleton police station.

PC John Taylor

Died 9 January 1860, aged 27

Collapsed and died in a fit whilst on his beat in the early hours at Heywood.

Supt John Sellers

Died 24 March 1860, aged 43

Killed while returning from duty when his trap overturned onto him at Kirkdale.

PC William Jump

Died 28 June 1862, aged 29

Shot dead attempting to arrest an armed gang at night near Ashton-under-Lyne.

PC Lord Pickup

Died 28 August 1867, aged 42

Died of injuries received in May 1866 when struck by a horse at Manchester Races.

PC Joseph Greenhalgh

Died 15 April 1868, aged 22

Drowned when he fell into the canal at Ince while on patrol on a very dark night.

Supt Richard Pickering

Died 3 November 1868, aged 51

Died as a result of head injuries received in 1865 and 1868 during riots at Rochdale.

Sgt William Hoban

Died 14 April 1872, aged 34

Pensioned in January 1872 due to injuries received on duty and subsequently died.

PC Nicholas Cock

Died 2 August 1876, aged 23

Shot and fatally wounded by a burglar disturbed during the night at Stretford.

PC Robert Michie

Died 4 December 1876, aged 25

Hit by a train and killed walking along the railway on his way to Burnley Court.

PC William Clark

Died 2 February 1877, aged 32

Pensioned in July 1875 due to injuries received on duty and subsequently died.

Sgt Jonah Sewell

Died 1 November 1878, aged 37

Shot in the head by a suspect he had stopped for questioning at St Helens.

PC John Long

Died 1 February 1880, aged 28

Died of injuries received when run over by a train whilst on patrol at St Helens.

PC Thomas Hazelden

Died 1 October 1884, aged 22

Died as a result of a fall while cleaning the Police Station windows at Bootle.

Sgt William Coutts

Died 6 December 1886, aged 36

Accidentally killed on the railway after visiting a constable at night near Widnes.

Sgt Alexander Mitchell

Died 23 February 1887, aged 44

Drowned in a fall into a canal on a very dark night while visiting beats near Ince.

PC Noah Jackson

Died 10 August 1893, aged 35

Died of blood poisoning contracted at a post mortem of a dead horse at Prescot.

PC William Grant

Died 9 November 1893, aged 53

Died of injuries received on duty in a fall down a staircase at Leigh Police Station.

PS Charles Percival

Died 9 January 1896, aged 48

Died at Carnforth six weeks after being pensioned due to injuries received on duty.

PC Richard Penman

Died 5 December 1897, aged 50

Pensioned in April 1895 due to an injury on duty at Bury from which he later died.

PC Frederick Smith

Died 26 September 1899, aged 43

Died of injuries sustained in 1898 stopping a runaway horse and lorry at Rochdale.

PC Abraham Sutcliffe

Died 22 December 1901, aged 29

Found accidentally drowned in the canal while on his beat at night at Failsworth.

Insp George Murphy

Died 2 June 1904, aged 49

Accidentally knocked off his bicycle by a horse and killed on duty near Ulverston.

PC Richard Clayton

Died 12 December 1904, aged 34

Died of diabetes resulting from injury on duty sustained in March 1902 at Ulverston.

PC Lewis Booth

Died 6 January 1905, aged 50

Collapsed and died from heart failure when arresting a burglar at Seaforth.

Sgt William Forsythe

Died 12 March 1905, aged 45

Stabbed during an arrest at Ulverston in 1899 and subsequently died of diabetes.

PC George Arthur Hodson

Died 29 December 1906, aged 28

Died of injuries after a fall while chasing boys throwing stones at Audenshaw.

PC Stewart Mungo Whillis

Died 15 May 1907, aged 38

Died as a result of injuries received in 1901 when attacked by four men in Standish.

PC John Taylor

Died 13 June 1909, aged 41

Pensioned in 1908 and died from the effects of sunstroke suffered on duty at Preston.

PC Alfred Pearson

Died 25 June 1911, aged 25

Drowned attempting to rescue a suicidal young woman from a canal at Litherland.

PC John James Southward

Died 11 April 1912, aged 41

Pensioned 1 April and died from the effects of injury received in execution of his duty.

PC Harry Edward Hall

Died 18 June 1912, aged 44

Died from the effects of a non-accidental injury received in execution of his duty.

PC James Nelson

Died 7 April 1915, aged 23

Died from a stroke after a fall from his horse on mounted training at Preston.

PC John Davis

Died 5 August 1915, aged 33

Found dead on the railway having been hit by a train going on duty near Upholland.

PC James Hardacre KPM

Died 27 April 1917, aged 34

Killed by an explosion while fighting a fire at a munitions factory at Church.

Posthumously awarded the King's Police Medal for Gallantry.

Sgt Thomas Bell

Died 16 April 1918, aged 41

Died from injuries after a fall locating a light in a blackout at Grange-over-Sands.

PC William Prendergast

Died 26 October 1921, aged 38

Died from injuries sustained when thrown from a police horse in 1917 at Old Trafford.

PC Alfred Henry Barron

Died 23 April 1923, aged 34

Died as a result of accidental injuries received in the execution of duty in 1921.

D/Sgt Josiah Davies

Died 25 June 1926, aged 36

Killed in a road traffic accident while returning from duty at Haydock Races.

Supt Thomas Charles Blanchard

Died 7 November 1930, aged 62

Killed in a police motorcycle combination crash while returning from Aintree Races.

Ch/Insp George Ripley

Died 25 October 1931, aged 61

Hit by a car and killed while investigating the scene of a fatal accident at Tarleton.

Sgt Frank Dyson

Died 20 October 1933, aged 44

Died three days after a fall off his cycle on plain clothes duty near Ulverston.

PC Harry Forrest

Died 7 May 1935, aged 24

Run down and killed by a speeding car at night while on crowd control at Nelson.

Sgt William Dean Coughlan

Died 14 January 1936, aged 49

Died of injuries received 21 December in a bicycle accident on patrol at St Annes.

Insp Henry William Woodhead

Died 20 November 1937, aged 49

While investigating a road accident scene at Lea he was struck by a car and killed.

Insp Thomas Henry Dewhurst

Died 4 October 1938, aged 54

Collapsed at an Air Raid Precautions meeting at Ormskirk and died in hospital.

SC Llewelyn Walford

Died 18 September 1940, aged 46

Killed by a bomb assisting families into shelters during an air raid at Thornton.

Ch/Insp William A. Chippendale

Died 23 December 1940, aged 49

PC Herbert Berry

Died 23 December 1940, aged 28

PC John Harrison Burns

Died 23 December 1940, aged 30

SC Henry Edward Heaton

Died 23 December 1940, aged 43

Killed when Old Trafford Police Station was struck by a bomb during an air raid.

RPC John William Law

Died 23 December 1940, aged 51

Body found the day after he was killed by a bomb during an air raid at Old Trafford.

SC Harry Davies

Died 24 December 1940, aged 49

Died of injuries received 22 December from a bomb during an air raid at Old Trafford.

PC Ian Douglas Steen

Died 26 December 1940, aged 23

Died of injuries received 23 December in an air raid at Old Trafford Police Station.

Posthumous King's Commendation for Brave Conduct in Civil Defence.

PWRC David Roderick Roberts

Died 1 January 1941, aged 48

Died of injuries received 23 December from a bomb during an air raid at Old Trafford.

PC Gerard Gaskell

Died 12 March 1941, aged 28

SC Clifford Ernest C. Davey

Died 12 March 1941, aged 38

SC John Clarence Harrop

Died 12 March 1941, aged 32

Killed by a bomb explosion in the early hours during an air raid at Stretford.

SC George Morgan Valentine

Died 4 May 1941, aged 43

Killed as a rsult of enemy action during an air raid at Huyton-with-Roby.

PWRC Joseph Pickering

Died 31 January 1942, aged 54

Died of heart failure after an assault whilst arresting a man at Litherland.

Insp Jacob Murray

Died 25 June 1945, aged 41

Killed in a road accident while seconded to Army Civil Affairs duties in Germany.

PC Arthur Richardson

Died 2 July 1945, aged 45

Died of injury sustained 25 May rescuing a woman collapsed in a bath at Fleetwood.

PC Albert Edward Holgate

Died 7 May 1946, aged 45

Collapsed in Nelson Police Station at night and died in hospital next morning.

DCI James Henderson Duncan

Died 12 January 1949, aged 50

Pensioned 1947 and died from illness related to Fingerprint Department duties.

PC Allan Swift

Died 12 February 1949, aged 33

Died of illness resulting from conditions in a damp police house at Worsthorne.

PC Sydney Arthur Tysoe

Died 29 November 1949, aged 38

Died as result of injuries received in 1940 when assaulted in an arrest at Prescot.

Ch/Insp Leonard Smith

Died 22 December 1949, aged 45

Died as result of injuries received in 1930 when assaulted in an arrest at Beverley.

PS Harry Walton

Died 30 March 1950, aged 39

Accidentally shot by a colleague in July 1940 contributing to his subsesuent death.

PC Frank Holdaway O'Connor

Died 19 November 1950, aged 40

Collapsed and died on a call with his Sergeant late at night at Skelmersdale.

RPC John Poucher

Died 7 January 1951, aged 59

Fatally injured when struck by a drunk driver on bicycle patrol at Cleveleys.

PC Rivers George H. Sherwood

Died 28 February 1952, aged 51

Died of injuries the day after he was hit by a car while on bicycle patrol at Rainhill.

Sgt Charles Moore KPFSM

Died 1 November 1952, aged 57

Died on pension of injuries received in 1944 when stabbed in an arrest at Little Lever.

Awarded the Kings Police and Fire Service Medal for Gallantry in 1945.

D/Insp George Nixon

Died 4 January 1953, aged 65

Died of head injuries received in 1929 when assaulted going off duty at Fleetwood.

PC John Thomas Hill

Died 19 January 1954, aged 50

Pensioned in 1951 and died from a disability occasioned by his police duties at Crosby.

PC Ivor Allan Oates

Died 6 March 1956, aged 25

Died four days after a physical training accident on a recruits course at Bruche.

PC John Michael Gillett

Died 24 March 1956, aged 24

Killed while helping a lorry driver repair a light when hit by a car near Garstang.

PC Isaac Taylor

Died 24 May 1956, aged 30

Died of injuries from 19 May in a patrol car crash pursuing a vehicle at Chadderton.

Ch/Insp Thomas Clifford Walker

Died 24 December 1957, aged 41

Killed in a traffic patrol car crash in the early hours on icy roads at Penwortham.

PC James Firth Batty

Died 29 May 1959, aged 19

Killed when his motorcycle collided with a lorry returning to duty at Walkden.

PC Philip Peter Gibbard

Died 5 May 1961, aged 32

Killed in a collision of his Traffic motor cycle and a stationary lorry at Fulwood.

PC Ernest Southern

Died 27 January 1962, aged 35

Died after collapsing while dealing with an affray against the police at Kirkby.

PC David Colin Brown

Died 11 February 1965, aged 24

Died of injuries seven weeks after a police van crash escorting a prisoner at Kirkby.

PW Myra Waller

Died 20 June 1965, aged 24

Died the day after her traffic patrol car crashed attending an accident at Halton.

PC George Leslie Higham

Died 7 November 1966, aged 37

Struck and killed by a drunk driver while investigating a road accident at Kirkby.

Ch/Insp Thomas Edward H. Woods

Died 13 December 1966, aged 49

Collapsed and died during a Federation working party meeting in London.

PC Graham Roughley

Died 13 June 1967, aged 22

Killed in a patrol car crash attending a bank alarm call at Ashton-under-Lyne.

PC Brian Marsh

Died 23 April 1968, aged 19

Died of a sudden illness while attending his initial training course at Bruche.

PC Stanley Edward Moore

Died 11 February 1969, aged 37

Drowned during an underwater search for two missing children at Warrington.

Sgt John  Dawson

Died 14 June 1969, aged 50

Died six days after a motor cycle accident going off duty at Chadderton.

PC Leslie Alwyn Marson

Died 29 September 1969, aged 47

Collapsed and died of heart failure while installing radio equipment.

Supt Gerald Irving Richardson

Died 23 August 1971, aged 38

Shot and fatally wounded attempting to arrest an armed robber at Blackpool.

Posthumously awarded the George Cross for Gallantry.

PW Barbara Lynne Wilkinson

Died 13 November 1971, aged 20

Killed in a car accident while returning home from a police first aid competition.

PC Kenneth Richmond Fletcher

Died 23 November 1972, aged 26

Killed on an advanced motorcycle course when he fell from his machine at Turton.

D/Insp James Jope McKendrick

Died 18 December 1974, aged 52

Killed in a traffic accident while crossing the road outside police HQ at Hutton.

Insp Ian Douglas McPherson

Died 25 November 1976, aged 45

Died suddenly while at Scarborough with the police examinations marking panel.

PC George Anthony Spencer

Died 3 December 1976, aged 24

Killed when his traffic car crashed on an emergency call in a thick fog on the M61.

PC Roland Cree McGowan

Died 22 January 1978, aged 20

Killed responding to an emergency call when his patrol car crashed at Bacup.

A/Sgt Walter Lacey

Died 12 September 1978, aged 42

Died of heart failure during a violent struggle to arrest a suspect at Colne.

PC Malcolm Reader

Died 4 January 1979, aged 36

Died in a car crash on the Edenfield By-Pass returning home from dutyat Bacup.

PC John Stanley Roberts

Died 29 January 1979, aged 25

Collapsed and died of heart failure while driving a patrol car at night at Preston.

PC David Whittle

Died 12 August 1979, aged 20

Fatally injured with PC Bromilow in a car crash escorting a prisoner at Blackburn.

PC John Edward Bromilow

Died 18 August 1979, aged 23

Died after the car crash with PC Whittle while escorting a prisoner at Blackburn.

PC John Harwood

Died 28 September 1979, aged 23

Died 9 days after a crash on an advanced motorcycle course at Charnock Richard.

PC Robert Milne

Died 21 October 1979, aged 50

Collapsed and died after dispersing a hostile crowd while off duty at Fulwood.

Sgt Gerald Charnley

Died 14 December 1982, aged 53

Killed in a fall on Helvellyn mountain during police cadets adventure raining.

WPC Angela Bradley

Died 5 January 1983, aged 23

PC Gordon Alexander Connolly

Died 5 January 1983, aged 24

PC Colin Morrison

Died 5 January 1983, aged 38

The three officers drowned together trying to rescue a man from the sea at Blackpool.

PC Peter Heaton

Died 16 September 1986, aged 47

Collapsed and died while attending a course at the Training School at Hutton.

PC Ian Wain Woodward

Died 25 February 1987, aged 33

Shot dead off duty when he challenged a poacher armed with a shotgun at Chorley.

PC Donald Percy Morgan

Died 1 February 1988, aged 49

Collapsed and died leaving Blackpool Central Police Station to go on patrol.

PC Ronald Ansell

Died 9 November 1989, aged 56

Collapsed and died of heart failure during public order training at Inskip.

PC Peter Burnett

Died 7 October 1990, aged 42

Collapsed and died dispersing rioters who were attacking police at Barnoldswick.

PC Martin Baker

Died 24 December 1992, aged 25

Killed when his car collided with a lorry while travelling to duty at Blackburn.

PC Alan West Houghton

Died 17 March 1998, aged 50

Died two days after he collapsed and crashed his police vehicle at Catterall.

PC Catherine Margaret Sutcliffe

Died 20 August 2004, aged 34

Collapsed 8 August at a routine incident at Waddington and later died in hospital.


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