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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty


South Yorkshire Police

and the former constituent forces of

Rotherham Borough Police, Sheffield Borough Police, Sheffield City Police, Sheffield Police Fire Brigade, West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary (part), Doncaster Borough Police.


Rotherham Borough Police

Ch/Con John Pollard

Died 30 June 1888, aged 41

Collapsed and died while running to the scene of a fire late at night.

SC Arthur Tyler Bull

Died 2 October 1916, aged 46

Collapsed and died of heart failure while on duty in the early hours.

Sheffield Borough Police

PC William Beardshaw

Died 23 July 1855, aged 26

Struck on head by a stone during a street disturbance and died next day.

PC Edwin Pryor

Died 8 April 1857

Struck on head by a stone during a street disturbance and died next day.

PC Samuel Pidd Gibson

Died 24 February 1872, aged 33

Died of a fractured skull received during an arrest in a hostile crowd.

Sheffield City Police

Sgt William Jackson

Died 26 November 1914, aged 41

Accidentally killed by a train while crossing the line on patrol at night.

PC James Slee

Died pre September 1940, aged 30

Killed in a road accident on patrol in a police motorcycle combination.

PWRC Frank Hides Munks

Died 13 December 1940, aged 52

Killed in an enemy air raid, duty status unknown.

PC Kenneth South

Died 30 March 1960, aged 25

Killed in a motorcycle accident after finishing an extended tour of duty.

PC Harry Marriott

Died 8 June 1961, aged 31

Killed in an accidental collision with a van while on motorcycle patrol.

Sheffield Police Fire Brigade

Insp Archie Cornish

Died 18 February 1931, aged 47

Died of burns sustained fighting a fire at a hospital in November 1930.

P/Fm Frederick Parkes Spencer

Died 12 December 1940, aged 36

Killed fighting a fire at the Empire Theatre after an enemy air raid.

West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary

PC Alfred Austwick

Died 1 August 1886, aged 30

Shot and fatally wounded by a man he had warned about his conduct.

PC Lot Moor

Died 16 June 1900, aged 58

Found dead on his beat in the early morning believed from heart failure.

PC John William Kew

Died 11 July 1900, aged 29

Fatally shot challenging two armed suspects who had threatened him.

Insp George William Watson

Died 5 November 1953, aged 48

Collapsed and died soon after leading a police funeral escort.

Doncaster Borough Police

Sgt Rex Webster Robinson

Died 9 December 1961, aged 52

Collapsed and died while briefing traffic officers on shift changeover.

South Yorkshire Police

PC Harold Grainger

Died 26 October 1974, aged 35

Killed in a police vehicle accident while on prisoner escort to Paisley.

PC Barry Saunders

Died 24 November 1989, aged 31

Killed in a fall through a roof while checking burgled factory premises.

WPC Gina Corin Rutherford

Died 7 February 1994, aged 25

Drowned in a patrol car which left an icy road and crashed into a river.

WPC Sandra Jane Edwards

Died 10 May 1995, aged 28

Fatally injured when her traffic car crashed while pursuing a stolen car.

PC Thomas Andrew Jackson

Died 13 December 2003, aged 46

Collapsed and died dispersing rival football crowds with his police dog.

PC Glen Howe

Died 24 October 2008, aged 48

Killed in police motorcycle accident attending an emergency in Sheffield.

PC Dave Fields

Died 25 December 2017, aged 45

Killed in a police vehicle collision responding to an immediate incident.

PC Matthew Lannie

Died 21 April 2020, aged 40

Died responding to an incident when his police motorcycle collided with a car.


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