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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty



Honouring Police Officers who
have been killed, or died as a result
of injuries received, in consequence
of the execution of their duty.

Book of Remembrance


Remembering Police Officers who
have otherwise died, on or in
connection with their duty, or
whilst serving overseas.


Dave Fields

Dave Fields

Police Constable

South Yorkshire Police

Died 25 December 2017, aged 45

South Yorkshire Police badge

Died while responding to an immediate incident call in the evening when his marked police car was in collision with a car, in which a woman passenger also died, travelling in the opposite direction on the A57 near Coisley Hill, Sheffield.

Dave had more than 12 years service, with 10 years as a roads policing officer on the specialist Operational Support Unit, and had taken part in a television documentary.

He is survived by his wife and two young children.

James Dixon

James Dixon

Police Constable

Thames Valley Police

Died 5 December 2017, aged 39

Thames Valley Police

Died following a collision between his unmarked police motorcycle and a car, in which an elderly woman passenger also died, while taking part in a police training exercise on the A4 at Hare Hatch near Wargrave, Berkshire.

James, known as Dixie, had served 18 years in the Force; as a roads policing officer he had taken part in a television documentary series and was based at Loddon Valley.

He is survived by his wife, expecting their child, and his family.

PC John Alcock

John Alcock

Police Constable

Grampian Police

Died 14 October 2017, aged 54

Grampian Police badge

Died from complications of injuries received in August 2003 when the marked police car in which he was a passenger travelling from Elgin in Moray to Ballater police station was in collision with a Land Rover, leaving him with brain damage and in a persistent minimal conscious state from which he never recovered.

The Land Rover driver was convicted of careless driving and fined 1,000;
a civil action was settled out of court in 2008.

John joined Grampian Police in 1986 after service in the Royal Marines, and at the time of the incident was engaged on royalty protection duties at Balmoral.

He is survived by his partner, their son and family, who had cared for him at home since his release from hospital.

Gareth Browning

Gareth Browning

Police Constable

Thames Valley Police

Died 1 April 2017, aged 36

Thames Valley Police

Died as a result of serious injuries received on 30 November 2013, when struck by a stolen car he was attempting to stop at Whitley, Reading, and from which he never recovered being medically retired and in need of constant care.

Gareth had ten years experience on teams including patrol, response, neighbourhood, local CID and custody at Newbury, Pangbourne, Reading and Loddon Valley.

He is survived by his wife, twin sons, and parents.

Keith Palmer

Keith Palmer GM

Police Constable

Metropolitan Police

Died 22 March 2017, aged 48

Metropolitan Police

In a terrorist incident a car driven over Westminster Bridge struck and injured a large number of members of the public and three police officers, before crashing; the driver, a man armed with two knives, then ran into the grounds of Parliament, where he was confronted by the the unarmed Constable Palmer on protection duty who, in attempting to stop the knifeman, was fatally stabbed.

The attacker was shot dead at the scene by a police firearms officer; more than 35 members of the public were injured on the bridge, four of them fatally.

Keith had 15 years service, he was a firearms officer and had served in the Territorial Support Group before joining the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command.

He is survived by his wife and daughter aged 5 years.

Posthumously awarded the George Medal for Gallantry.


PC Steve Jenkins

Steven Richard Jenkins

Police Constable

Gwent Police

Died 6 October 2017, aged 43

Gwent Police Badge

Collapsed while on duty at Pillgwenlli Police Station in Newport and despite efforts by his colleagues and paramedics to resuscitate him he died.

Steve was descibed by his Chief Constable as a talented and dedicated officer who served with distinction.

He is survived by his mother and his partner and children.

Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson

Police Constable

Leicestershire Police

Died 16 March 2017, aged 38

Leicestershire Police badge

Died suddenly after becoming unwell while patrolling
Saint Matthews estate in Leicester.

Austin was appointed to Leicestershire Constabulary in July 2007 and was working with the Spinney Hills Neighbourhood team in Leicester.

He is survived by his wife and four children.

Paul Briggs

Paul Briggs

Police Constable

Merseyside Police

Died 21 January 2017, aged 43

Merseyside Police badge

The officer sustained severe brain and spinal injuries on 3 July 2015, when his motorcycle was struck head on by a car while he was travelling to report for duty, remaining in a coma on life support until his subsequent death.

Paul joined Merseyside Police in 2004 after army service in Northern Ireland and the Gulf War, working at Wallasey before joining the Roads Policing Unit in 2007.

He is survived by his wife and daughter.

Mark Estall

Mark Estall

Police Inspector

Essex Police

Died 5 January 2017, aged 45

Essex Police badge

Whilst on evening duty at the Boreham operational base he became unwell and despite efforts to give medical aid he died at the scene.

Mark had served with Essex Police for 27 years, a firearms officer since 2003 he had worked at Stanstead Airport and was attached to the Force Support Unit at Boreham.

He was survived by his wife and three adult children.


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