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National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring and Remembering British Police Officers who Lost their Lives in the Line of Duty ~ Lest we Forget

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The Roll of Honour is undergoing a full review to correct factual errors and ommissions. Enquiries and new information are welcome but there may be some delay in response and website updating. Contact Us 
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The National Police Officers Roll of Honour

Honouring Police Officers who have been killed, or died as a result of injuries received, in consequence of the execution of their duty and Remembering Police Officers who have otherwise died,
on or in connection with their duty, or while serving overseas.

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We regret the following recent death reported 2024

29/06/2024 - APS Reece Buckenham, 36, Hertfordshire Constabulary

Killed in a collision of his motorcycle with a car whilst returning home from night duty.

 We regret the following recent deaths reported in 2023

30/01/2023 - PC Bruce Lister, 57, Hertfordshire Constabulary

Found to have collapsed and died at his desk while on duty in the early hours.

27/02/2023 - PC Neil Pattinson, 47, Northumbria Police

Collapsed and died suddenly whilst driving home after finishing duty.

11/04/2023 - PC Andrew Boardman, 43, West Mercia Police

Collapsed and died whilst responding to an incident with paramedics.

29/06/2023 - Inspector Gareth Earp, 43, Dyfed-Powys Police

Died following a two car road traffic collision while travelling home from duty.

29/08/1923 - Sergeant Graham James Saville, 46, Nottinghamshire Police

Died five days after being struck by a train when rescuing a man on the railway line.

22/09/2023 - Sergeant Paul Frear, 45, West Midlands Police

Died of injuries received while walking to work the day before when struck by a car.

  Background and historical review of UK Police Roll of Honour

The National Police Officers Roll of Honour is the original resource for the United Kingdom's police roll of honour. Established in 1995, with police support, as an independent research project recording the public service and sacrifice of British police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty since the earliest days of professional law enforcement.

Created by former Metropolitan and Lancashire police officer Anthony Rae who in 1980 began compiling records of police murders in UK and British Colonial police forces. In 1983 this included all deaths on duty after three colleagues drowned in a sea rescue at Blackpool when no historic records of deaths on duty or roll of honour existed.

In 2000 Anthony Rae founded the Police Roll of Honour Trust charity, providing research project results freely to the charity for the benefit of police services, families of the fallen and the public. He produced all Trust published Rolls, including several for individual police forces and other charities, until 2012 when he left for academic research study.

In 2016 Anthony gained a masterís degree in history from Lancaster University, largely based on his 35 years research into police casualties. Combining new research with a historical review of the Roll revealed many factual errors and omissions in historic data used in the UK police roll. New research is addressing this in an academic manner to update and safeguard the future integrity of the Roll.

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Organisations aided through this project

Police Roll of Honour Trust

Charity 1081637 Founded 2000 by Anthony Rae MA

Metropolitan Police Book of Remembrance

Dedicated by HM The Queen 2001

Scottish Police Memorial Trust

Charity SCO34861

Founded 2003 by Jim McNulty

National Police Memorial Day

Charity 1103000

Founded 2004 by

Joe Holness QPM OBE

Police Memorial Trust - National Police Memorial Charity 289371 Founded 1984 by Michael Winner MA

Unveiled by HM The Queen 2005

Police Arboretum Memorial Trust

Charity 1159831

Founded 2014

Digital Memorial

Police Roll of Honour Trust

Royal Charter 2018 as Charity 1179754

National Police Memorial Day

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Police Roll of Honour Trust

2023 working name Police Remembrance Trust


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